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police raid house and terrorize family over comments made online!angry_smile
mrnogood1504 reads

"ochester police and federal agents made a mistake in Charlotte this week that has one woman baffled and frightened. She wants to know how they could mistake her house for one they were supposed to raid in a drug bust."

THIS is your war on drugs people! and it, like ALL our other wars is the ONLY thing growing in this economy...

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mrnogood165 reads

Why don't you use your fine reasoning skills, and accuse me of beating puppy's...

That's about the level of reasoning you're displaying solan..Imho, Obama has been Bush's 3 term, since NOTHING changed under his "leadership" and everything Bush did was not only continued, but grew..

Obama = Bush, and if you'd just look at ANY of his actions, and not his mouth, you would quickly see that..How come when Bush bombs country's it's called war, and when Obama does it, it's called peace keeping? How come we're now almost at war with EVERY country in the middle east? Bombing them and shit? and why don't you see this? Because the media, under obama, doesn't really report on all his wars, and when they do, they spin it, to make you think:us bombing country after country in to dust, is a humanitarian act of Obamas

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mrnogood270 reads

This is why they want to raid your house, and arrest you..

They want you to work in one of these labor camps, AS A SLAVE..


   Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction"

The more people they arrest, the more slaves they have.. Do you know MOST of america's industry is now produced by prisoners? WHY in the hell would they want full paying jobs for you,  when they can have slaves, if they just arrest you and charge you with a crime in one of their kangaroo courts>?

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