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No! What else does he have to run on?
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Though it means that it's not as strong an issue as he would like it to be.

Gallop asked that very same question, and found that while 52% blamed Obama for the bad economy, 68% blamed Bush.

As much as Presidents should get blamed for economic matters, I would certainly say the vast majority of the blame goes to Bush. Bush contributed to the bubble and the crash. Obama has failed as well, but he didn't cause an economic crash. He's just failed to do what is necessary to recover the economy.

Given this, is Mitt making a mistake running on the economy?

Though it means that it's not as strong an issue as he would like it to be.

nuguy46164 reads

when does the o act like a adult?
....so if romney wins and produces same results as the o, will all you 'willy-boy look alikes' allow romney to blame bush?

Wich dosen't make any sense, since he's running against the incumbent President.

You are talking about Mitt, right?

..this has been the philosophy of the American people and is what has made America great. I don't know how Mitt is going to convince the American people this is the "platform" he supports.  Frankly; I don't know how anyone will be able to "change the course of events" other than removing all these governments constraints and allowing Americans to be Americans and compete competitively in the World Trade Market..
ex: I read about a town suffering losing business and young adults not moving in so-o-o they are offering to pay off the college graduates loans if they move into this town and stay for 3 years.  WOW!  Now, that's what I am talking about.  Cities can do this without the approval of Big government and that's exactly why it works... Hey...just my $.02

...by trying to patch the holes with chewing gum. It ain't gonna work.

Nothing will get fixed unless we get rid of this idiotic and suicidal idea of "free trade". We weren't bleeding jobs before free trade, and we won't be if we got rid of it.

The idea is simple. If it costs 10 cents of labor to build a pair of tennis shoes in China and it costs a dollar of labor to build a pair of tennis shoes in the United States, then you charge a 90 cent importation tax on shoes coming in from China.

That's how you compete with the Third World. It's also how First World Nations were built in the first place.

Snowman39200 reads

but running on the economy is a GREAT IDEA for Mitt.

Easy talking points and a simple monntra...

You could not fix it in 4 years even with stimulus packages, you think you deserve another 4?

statistics (don't u love it) say today the middle class is making 44% less than they did and the poverty class is making 17% more in Obama's administration.  Obama calls this fair. He wants the government to rescue persons less fortunate and be paid by taxing the rich. History has shown that this method weakens a nation and kills the spirit of the people.  A method that allows people to have a "sense of accomplishment" produces the best outcome.....for the people and the nation. Obama has good ideas but does not have the answer on how to pay for them except government and that is not acceptable because it only puts a bandaid on a third degree burn.  Obama Health Care can be easily justified by all Americans....I just want the same health care as the President, Congress, and the Senate.  They work for us so why should their healthcare be better.  Why isn't anyone lobbying for the same healthcare as our politicians.  Cheney recently had open heart bypass surgery and my first response was I wonder how much out-of-pocket he had to pay. I want what he has....it's only fair, Obama.

Snowman39240 reads

the thing the republicans should have really pushed for is that if the Dems were going to pass Obamacare, than all government employees (including themselves) would have to be on it.

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