Politics and Religion

That's fear based mind control.. I don't even own a tv
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bugs, I don't want any of their approved propaganda in my head.. sorry bugs..

somebody who really don't care?

Does it all mean that I'm ready for the changes you been talking about? or should I be scared or worried? I know the answer. LOL

mrnogood, knowing what you know about banks. Would you like being a banker or the owner president of a major bank. Somebody pointed out that you would have wanted to be such a banker and weren't so you're mad. But I guess as a job you could still be it knowing what you know.

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It's all about change.. For me and you, this is what change looks like.. for others who can't let go, or even begin to see how messed up the world is, their heads will start reeling soon..

When this happens robertini, there will be alot of people like me and you.. You will even begin to see new communities take hold, and people pull together, and help eachother out.. So much so, it will renew every ones faith in humanity that takes part in it..

BUT, then well have a large group of people, who are gonna lose their minds, and feel like they're losing everything.. It's these groups that will hold up the world from just moving on, and give the bankers/nwo power..Until these groups just move on

This a beautiful dream to have that I will agree with.

The other side will pick up where we leave off.

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and I persoanlly know A LOT of people who have prepared, and not only can't wait for it to happen, we're excited about it..

I'm not saying their wont be problems, but they wont be coming from the people prepared

Big vern, people are preparing to go to the next level, self governance..

Entertain me bigvern, please, I haven't been wrong yet.. Humanity is about to evolve, and this is it.. It's about to happen.. we're gonna move past money, wars, and governance

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bugs, I don't want any of their approved propaganda in my head.. sorry bugs..

How are the people going to come together? and when they do how do you adress the East China, Russia & Iran? Do you have nuclear weapons?

I don't want to sound condesending, or say you're wrong, but what is your plan for the East?

Say the people rebel World Wide against Governance. This will be a several hundred or million year conflict. That I think we are still fighting and will continue to fight for ever.

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When I first started waking up, I used to think that way... so believe me you, I have plenty of weapons, if it goes that way.. and it may..

I'm sure a lot of us are gonna die

I'm just gonna go on with my life, start growing my own food, and not fear this.. during my own journey waking up, I realized... it's  a spiritual awakening, and most of the people who have been awake for a while have... we're gonna need eachother when this shit happens bigvern.. I believe we'll come together, and rise to the occasion, or we wont make it..

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we may go that way, first.. but if we fight for thousandas of years, everyone will die..

I believe that's why it's so important to rise above, because, I don't think us all dieing is a viable solution..So in an effort to effect and reach the change we, the human race needs right now, I've choosen to be the change we need.. However, I prepared, no matter which way we go..

Excuse any typos.. bout to go get me coffee .. he he

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This is really going to hurt their credit rating.

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