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yet for the first two years, he had a DEMOCRAT congress...what the hell did they do? everything that has made us worse off today than when his skinny ass hit the Oval office chair!  make'em a one-termer!

He's got one.

And Righties refuse to pass it.

They are more loyal to their Party than to America.

They WANT America to fail so they have a chance to get the White House back.


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and he didn't do shit!

I'm not on either side, they're BOTH traitors..

wake up! They're playing you.. distracting you, and dividing the good people of America up.. We got HUGE problems and it's no more the left, than the right that did it to us..

Obama could of done ANYTHING he wanted to with his veto proof congress, BUT HE DIDN'T

as Mormons and Muslims.

To think they agree on everything, especially when it comes to economics, is just dumb.

And we're not talking about "2 years ago."

We're talking about NOW.

Righties keep CRYING that Obama "has no plan."

That's a f-ing lie.


He HAS a plan.

And Righties REFUSE to pass it because they'd rather see America fail than give Obama ANY victories.

The ONLY thing Mitt wants to do is EXACTLY what Bush did.....which is what sent our country to the toilet in the first place.

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Either your history or your math skills are lacking.  There was no veto-proof majority in either the House or Senate during the 111th Congress.

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Obama the great politician had to bribe his own senators to pass Obamacare.  What a statesman!

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is he the Greatest PRez ever.....well in Pri's and Willy's and their lackies.

when will we see the Dems talking points on this page again?
Let's make'em a one termer!

You are such a hypocrite.  
Tell me with a straight face that you wanted Bush to succeed.  From Day One, the left was hoping he would lose re-election and that he would not be successful, least he get re-elected.

As I say, tell me with a straight face you wanted Bush to succeed.

That is the inherent nature of the opposition.

The "righties" don't pass Obama's plan because they disagree with it.  That is why they are on the other side.  If they really believed it it, they would be Dems.  

And yeah, you had no desire to get the White House back in 2004.  Look in a mirror and ask what you did when you were the opposition.

I wanted Bush to succeed. I wanted him to successfully do something to prevent 9/11. He didn't. I wanted him to successfully do something to prevent endless corporate accounting scandals. He didn't. I wanted him succeed in capturing Osama bin Laden. He didn't. I wanted him to successfully do something about the emerging housing bubble. He didn't. I wanted him to succeed at tackling the skyrocketing debt and deficit. He didn't. I wanted him to succeed in the rescue operations after Katrina. Instead he let countless Americans drown because he didn't like watching the news. I wanted him to succeed in preventing the worse economic collapse since the Great Depression. He didn't. He failed.

With a track record like that, one has to wonder if Bush was either too incompetent or if he got the results he wanted. With today's GOP, there's no room for debate. They've stated their position clearly. They are actively working to destroy the republic.

You wanted President Bush to successfully prevent 9/11????  Not one single fucking person in America could have imagined what was going to happen on Sept. 11.  Did you go to work that day thinking, "Gee, I better do something today to prevent hijacked airplanes from crashing into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon"???

And you wanted him to prevent endless corporate accounting scandals?  The guy was President of the U.S., not the fucking FBI.

You wanted him to succeed in capturing Bin Laden?  Well, he did. He put the people in place and began the long and tedious journey that it took to finally capture that animal on the other side of the world after his term expired.

You wanted him to prevent the economic collapse?  Of course, one man could push a button to guide the world's largest economy and prevent millions of industries from taking the ill guide steps that led to the collapse.  Shit, it's so fucking easy that your current President has been able to easily fix all the problems . . . .

You know what I want to succeed?????  Your attempt to maybe someday fucking learn the proper way to use the word "worse" when you mean "worst."

Have a nice weekend.  Hopefully it won't be the "worse" weekend of your life . . . .

I don’t care to engage in debate with idiots who willfully refuse to accept truth as in Republicans!

So go ahead with calling names, insults, personal and otherwise.

And bottom line, I never wanted, nor did I understand that the Democrats wanted Bush to fail at my expense. I believe the Republicans want Obama to fail at my expense. That's how I see it as being different.

They don't want him to fail at "your expense."  The GOP thinks that too much debt is bad for everyone.  They object to more stimulus because they think it will hurt everyone in the long run.

Any issue you name, it is the same.  I may be wrong, my vision may be incorrect, but the bottom line is any one policy I oppose is because I think it is wrong.  

Why should I (or and GOP) support a view that we thinks is the wrong answerl.

We honestly believe that Obama care is just bad medicine.  I want him to fail in that endeavor because I think it will hurt me, hurt you, hurt my uncle, and everyone.  I just don't believe it is the answer.

That is why the Dems are such hypocrites when they say that the GOPs were bad for wanting Obama to be a one-termer.  That is always the case.

So, back to the article referenced, why were the Republican's in favor of those ideas until Obama was?

Or, if you can't answer that, how about my question in the above link about Mitch?  ;)

Hitler's, pol Pot....


dummycrappers should just shut the fuck up about "wanting to see obama to fail", unless of course they said the same thing about the turdbrain from Ill at the time.

thats how i see it as being different

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