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Like the US government does.
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Instead of saving up and then buying, they buy everything on credit. Don't blame the banks because you can not control your impulses and ask to borrow money.

America should save up to fund their wars on X, instead of asking to borrow money.

That is just hypocrisy in its purest form.

(did you intercept my package & smoke it all?)

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I love the way they imply Greece is a cheater for going the way of Iceland and telling the banks and their debt based money they pull out of thin air fu** off!

The cheaters here are the bankers, for creating money out of thin air, and then loaning it to us, rendering us all debt slaves, NOT GREECE... Greece is standing up! and telling these zionist crooks they don't want to play this game with them anymore!!

debt based money? debt slaves? What are you blathering about now?

Debt-based money has been in existence since the first monger was called-on the pay for the fun he just had enjoyed.  The concept and practice got its biggest shot in the arm with the creation of The Federal Reserve (1913) and has been snowballing out of control ever since in the form of ungodly national debt levels, many wars manifested to pay these debts and a culture of corruption now seen in nearly every nation's government.

Prior to 1913, America was able to function from the income derived from tarifs charged on goods entering the country.  The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 stopped the Constitutionally established power of Congress to create interest-free money and placed the strings of America's purse in the hands of the Fed, a group of 5-6 privately owned mega banks who charge the US Treasury interest against every dollar they are "authorized" by the Fed to print.

It is thus impossible to ever pay-off the interest charged by the Fed to loan us the money in circulation.  Therefore, anyone using Federal Reserve Notes as a medium of exchange is an unwitting 'debt slave,' with this fiat currency losing approximately 7 to 10% of its value everytime one of the frogskins changes from one hand to another.  Since the creation of the Fed, the dollar has lost 95 to 97% of the purchasing power it had before the Fed.

The Fed is history's largest Ponzi scheme and is theft on such a grand scale that Ponzi himself would blush in his envy.  The income tax started shortly after the Fed started and is another example of the theft and corruption inherent in the fiat currency system.  The banks owning the Fed have accrued enough wealth to pay for the finest politicians money can buy in every country usuing the Central Bank system.  It is these politician who have accepted their payoffs from the bankers and are more than willing to stick it to whoever elected them by raising taxes on every possible whim in order to pay-off "THE NATIONAL DEBT" to the very people who created it out of thin air.

Iceland was recently the recipient of threats from various offshore banks to pay-up "or else."  Or else usually meaning that the government receiving such an ultimatum is then expected to institute a program of austerity within their nations in order to pay the debt to the bankers.  "Austerity" being a euphemism for raising taxes and confiscating the assets of previously funded pensions to give to foreign, private banks.  When push came to shove in Iceland the people rebelled and said, "hold on hoss-not so fast!"

The dirty laundry went on display and it was seen that 95% of what was alleged to be owed by Iceland was actually debt owed by the large banks from all the bad risky bets they had made (mostly in the derivatives market).  Icelandic voters kicked a load of shit assed politicians out of office and have repudiated much of the debt they were said to owe.

It now appears that Greece is on the verge of debt repudiation.  Bankers like to hear "debt repudiation" about as much as mongers like to hear "the condom broke."  Accordingly, they are reacting to new developments in Greece with the usual threats; "Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) sparked criticism in Greece after saying that Greeks needed to start paying their taxes, with Socialist leader Evangelos Venizelos accusing her of "insulting the Greek people." (from the CNBC article linked by Mrnogood).

In short, our governments have and are selling us and our labor to the bankers as "Articles in Commerce" in order to satisfy the bankers and to keep their own slimy asses in office.

I hope that clears it up for you a little?

Debt slaves, my ass. Speaking of which, didn't you used to go by the handle "my ass" in German?

Europe's problem is that they DON'T have a fed. Not like we have here. They can't inflate their money, on a continent wide scale, and so whole currencies are being destroyed as their economies continually contract.

It's quite easy for the Fed to lower the debt load of a society. It's called "raising interest rates". When you make the price of credit more expensive, you get less of it. That's what happened after Vietnam when we had the stagflation of the late 70's/early 80's. Volcker raised interest rates sky high, to cut off new debt creation, so loans built up during the Vietnam era could be paid down.

I suggest you take a harder look at the "gold is god" mentality. You'll notice that really really really rich fucks are big fans of it. You might want to take a moment to ponder why.

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Someone asks to borrow money, they lend you he money you ASKED to borrow, and hen they are the bad guy for loaning you the money.

There is a person who borrows money and does not want to pay it back, DEADBEAT

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they pull it out of thin air to loan you, and make you their slaves, working their jobs to pay them back money they just created.. AT INTEREST

The entire system is designed to make you it's slave.. This money they loan to us, means nothing to them, since they pulled it out of thin air.. But since your faith/religion is money it's means so much to you, you become it's slave to get it..

Not only do they pull this money OUT OF THIN AIR, they charge you interest to do it... The banks have become more powerful than the government

Watch this short 3 part yt, it will show you how the federal reserve works
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgKFLk9xffA&feature=fvwrel  pt 1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wQWVxk49ts&feature=fvwrel  pt 2

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFMqsBAP4Q4&feature=fvwrel  pt 3

Doesn't the bible tell you to watch out for the money changers? and it's like you don't even care how it works.. Even though your bible warns you of them.. I'd say your faith is in money snow

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Stop shitting yourself. Not everything is a secret conspiracy to turn you into a slave. Besides oweing someone money isn't slavery. Suggesting it is, is an insult to those who were or are slaves.

The federal reserve was founded on the absurd notion that a currency should be able to grow with the economy. If a currency did not do this, then you'd have deflation.

When deflation happens, the value of money increases. Prices also fall. Sounds fucking fantastic, doesn't it?!?

Now imagine you have a home mortgage to pay off. Your mortgage debt has now become more valuable. Your credit card debt now has more value. You student loan debt now is worth more. Well, that's not good, is it?

US household debt has skyrocketed more than 1000% since 1980. We're 15 trillion in the hole. Deflation is NOT good given THESE circumstances.

Now, if we lived in a nation with a net savings rate, and overall debt levels were low, the deflation would be wonderful. But that's not the case.

Facts matter, Crazy.

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Is their own greed.   Instead of saving up and then buying, they buy everything on credit.

Don't blame the banks because you can not control your impulses and ask to borrow money. That is just hypocrisy in its purest form.

People need to quit being such pussies and stop looking for someone to blame when they are where they are because of their own actions.

Instead of saving up and then buying, they buy everything on credit. Don't blame the banks because you can not control your impulses and ask to borrow money.

America should save up to fund their wars on X, instead of asking to borrow money.

That is just hypocrisy in its purest form.

(did you intercept my package & smoke it all?)

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while the governments become slaves to the banks, because of the staggering debt they have accumulated.. The bank is above the government, and gets to tell our government what to do with the money they loan them.. ie go start wars

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Can you print your own money, because the government can...

Enough said.

I don't mind paying back money when I borrow it. I don't enjoy it, do you?

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