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You heard about this first from me.. This planet isn't doom, as it is a marking for the times, astrologically that we live in.. This will be the event, the crossing of this planet and our sun, that no man can know the time, or day of.. and this is because this planets orbit is highly influenced by its surroundings, or unstable..

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BTW we're gonna have a rare solar eclipse on sunday..

You know something else that's interesting? The origins of the days of the week
and last but not least, SUNday, the day the christians go to church and worship the Son/sun

by golly! even they're pagan!

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I see that the names in english mean one thing and the ones from latin languages means something else sometimes. Other languages have different meaning for the day's name. But they all go back to God, gods, and goddesses and stuff like that.
Very interesting indeed mrnogood.
I would think the name of the months also have "pagan" whatever that mean, origins.

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we have all had our own stories for them too.. That fit the reality they saw in the heavens. Remember that post you did where you posted how the universe is expanding and ever changing? so we all named the heavens, and created a story that best fit our ages reality of the heavens.. For the most part only the name have changed for example ISIS becomes virgo.. but it's still the same mother goddess..

Or Mars becomes Tyre

Pagan is any natural event on earth.. The heavens, sun rain and on and on

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IMHO - had humanity been left to our own devices, and not had any of the monotheistic religions pushed on us, we would naturally be pagans.. our spiritual  hierarchy would be the actual hierarchy of our earth..

Instead paganism is foreign to most because of religions like christianity, which took the pagan story of the heavens and injected Idols to it.. So now the actual sun's idol is Jesus.. If this hadn't happened we'd naturally be grateful for all the blessings the earth gives us that sustain our life here on this planet..

If we hadn't been removed from it, we'd take better care of our planet, and there wouldn't be any way a banking cabal could have gotten away with taking the planet from us, and creating the world we have today.. They have the control they do of this planet because they removed us from earth and our land, IMHO

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I've read a few of his
books and find his
interpretations interesting.

He says the ancient Sumerians
clay tablets show another planet
not yet discovered by modern
man.  And that it was called

In the link scroll down to the
bottom of the page and read
the last two paragraphs and
it shows a picture of the
Sumerian diagram with the
Sun and all its planets....

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the hopi and mayan called it the red star kachina, other names are tyche, wormwood. the red star of bethlehem, which the bible mentions being in the sky when jesus was born..

The bible is the ONLY book that says anything about this star/planet falling to earth..

EVERY ancient book and tablet has made mention of an extra red planet..

Sitchin loses me a little bit when he gets into the anunaki, and what his interpertation of this is from the summerian tablets.. BUT, I cant say he's wrong, just that he loses me there.. He may be right, and my mind may be closed to that.. I try to open it to it, and things of that nature.. But I NEVER learned about that in my journey and understanding of the heavens.. The way I understand this, is it is suns binary star, coming from Orion.. I also understand that ALL stars (including earth with venus) are binaries or dualistic

Some of It's other names are nemesis, tyche

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1) we can measure the gravitational forces of everything in our solar system. Everything is accounted for.

2) the definition of a planet is well defined. A body has to have a defined orbit to be a planet.

3) Anything large enough to be a planet at the outer reaches of the solar system will likely be a gas giant. How our solar system formed, and how solar systems are formed generally determines this.

4) Bodies like Pluto are not classified as planets but as dwarf planets. It's estimated that as many as 50 such objects exist in the outer reaches of our solar system. We only discovered the dwarf planet Eris in 2005. Eris is larger than Pluto.

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