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Article: Media Goes Silent As Gas Prices Fall.
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if you wait long enough - doing nothing - everything falls into place.....traits which a leader does not show (waiting vs initiating)

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Moderate Republicans will tell you behind locked doors Bush was a worse POTUS than Obama.

Still trying to find ways to put the blame on him, huh?

Wake the fuck up!  It's 2012.  Bush has been out of the White House and, like all dignified former Presidents should do, is staying out of the way and not interfering with the business of President Obama.

These needless comparisons between him and Obama only serve as fodder for you to talk about since you can never post anything of substance.

But, then again you're a liberal and liberals don't know what to do unless they can complain and point their fingers at others.  Just like the current President has done for nearly four years.

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Who is Flip Flop Romney? What does he believe in, does he have a core? Conservatives, independents, minorities etc are confused.

you are a bigger idiot than you have already shown yourself to be.

Living in the past and blaming things that are long gone is not the way to approach any job, let alone the job of President of the United States.

I don't think Romney is a strong candidate either.  But, then again, he'd be a better President than the one we currently have.

It doesn't matter.  This upcoming election has been a lock for President Obama since he got elected the first time.  Only he himself can damage it by doing something really stupid between now and November.  And, he is too slick and too well-liked to do that.

(26), and they all say you are full of shit in that aspect.

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In many other aspects too.

Thank you
2012 = 28

for the price of gasoline.  Sure, he can do things that MIGHT influence the cost a penny or two from time to time, but gas prices are dictated by powers that far supersede anything any President can do.

This latest small drop -- which still has not brought the prices back to where they were several months ago -- is merely a fortunate coincidence for President Obama.  

Of course, the price of gas come October and November will be more influential in his re-election bid.  But, unless it hits $5 a gallon, it will likely not jeopardize his prospects of getting four more years to show no leadership.

your own darlings John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, among others?

How in the hell can anyone say that President Bush acted on his own to invade Iraq?  He got the support from both sides of the aisle since all of them were believing the same intelligence reports that were provided.

Gas prices go down 3 or 4 cents a gallon and he is taking a victory lap.......give me a fucking break.

It was not long ago that obama was telling us he is not responsible for the rise in gas prices. Now the price goes down a few cents and he is a hero.......give me a fucking break.

Get back to me when gas is 2 bucks a gallon.

You're Welcome
2012 = Drug Free GOP

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The traffic on the streets is ridiculous. No parking anywhere and gridlock is common place. We need somebody that will get these gas prices back up, while also making the Middle east more dangerous. I'm not sure who that would be, but Porter Wagner called and he doesn't want his hair back. You may keep it, Mitt.

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That's funny. I just saw a piece on falling gas prices on the local and national news. Imagine that.

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