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He deserves most of it!

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don't gloat too fast.....88 million, yes, million people are out of work ....many not bothering to look for work...that category is growing, which is y the .1 reduction in unemployment figure....makes you want to jump up and holler,,,,success, we reached success........gotta vote ABO this fall if you want to see the economy get on the right track.....imagine trumpeting success because people stop looking for a job!!!

I seem to remember a certain governor of Kaleefornya saying at the 2004 Republican National Convention, "To those critics who are so pessimistic about our economy, I say: Don't be economic girlie men!"

I seem to remember quite a few Republican talking heads say throughout the 2004 campaign that the unemployment rate was going down.

Hmm...I wonder what Willy can find with a 1 minute google search.

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I predict by the time the Nov election rolls around the unemployment rate will be around 7.2%.

unemployment levels and the state of the economy on any President.

The US Economy is so big that in no way can its cyclical fluctuations be blamed on one man.

Yet, every four years we hear,"It's the economy, stupid."

I want to get rid of President Obama too, just like millions of other responsible conservatives.  But not  because he has fucked up the economy.  Hell, if Obama WERE STRONG ENOUGH to actually fuck up the economy, I'd have a lot more respect for him.

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What are the 3 reasons why unemployment is still high? And we are not talking about 8.1%, we need to talk about 14%, which includes the underemployed, and those that have given up searching for jobs.

1. Uncertainty about the economy, uncertainty about tax policy, uncertainty about health care costs.
2. Lack of qualified workers. Unfortunately we have a dearth of unemployed without an education, skills or competencies.
3. Productivity improvements

Now look at those 3, you're the President, what do you do? You remove uncertainty. Doesn't Obama rail against every single industry day in and day out? If he just STFU, that would be an improvement. Re lack of qualified workers, well if we don't have them, somebody does, hence streamline the immigration policy, specifically those with requisite skills, competencies and education.

The President can't wave a magic wand with unemployment, but there are a number of small steps that he could take that would at least change the tone in this country.

jobs aren't going to just appear immediately.

I agree that his constant bellyaching about making the rich "pay their fair share" is doing nothing to improve the jobs situation.  Employers are careful about expanding right now because if they do, and Obama is re-elected in November, they always have the fear of being hit with a higher tax rate which will inevitably force them to make cuts and lay off many of those new jobs they may have created.

Obama is nothing but a walking, talking, complaining, and campaigning scare tactics machine.  It really is mystifying how charisma can get such a poor President on the verge of re-election to a second term.

salonpas582 reads

He deserves most of it!

St. Croix1337 reads

You don't sound like much of an athlete, but let's give it try. Isiah Thomas was the head coach of NY Knicks. He got fired in 2008. He deserved it. The Knicks were pathetic. If it makes you feel any better, think of Isiah Thomas as GWB.

James Dolan hires Mike D'Antoni in 2008. Dolan threw a lot of money at D'Antoni, so they went out and paid big bucks for Amare Stoudemire, Tyson Chandler and Carmelo Anthony. Think of it like Stimulus money. Kind of like the $900B Obama spent in 2009.

Guess what? Knicks are at best marginally better than when Isiah Thomas was the coach. The Knicks are going to be bounced out of the playoffs again in the 1st round, this time by the Miami Heat. Now, D'Antoni resigned in March realizing he was going to be fired at the end of the year.

Someone would say it's not Mike's fault. He doesn't play. He's just a coach. It's still Isiah Thomas' fault. Doesn't matter because sports is performance based. If you don't perform you fire the coach, the leader, the President for NOT getting the job done.

Obama, and all the liberals can blame Bush until the end of time, but at the end of the day, you have to perform. Obama was given everything he wanted at the start. He was given $900B for Stimulus. He had a Democratic Congress, He had the support of the people, but at the end of the day Obama is leading/managing at best a .500 country. And a .500 football, baseball, basketball, or Fortune 500 company fires its coach, CEO and President.

he is nowhere near the level of incompetence that Isiah Thomas was with the Knicks.  lol

I still don't think the President should be personally blamed for the economy's failure but, as you said, he is the leader and is the one ultimately in charge of the country.

And the Dems will still be blaming Bush in 20 years or even later.  They don't know how to do anything else. Hell, they are still trying to find reasons to blame Reagan for things and his second term ended 24 years ago.

When you have nothing to brag about, you resort to blaming others.  It's the Democratic way . . . .

60 + sports event and workings of the largest economy on the planet is similar to you! What an intelligent analogy?

anonymousfun.  But, alas, the whacko lefty is back . . . .

Lord help us . . .

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There's too many damn people working. Hell, I can't get a seat on the commuter train during rush hour anymore. We need to get back up to George W Bush statistics in 2008. I think Romney, with his experience firing people, is just the man to back this economy in reverse. I mean, grind the gears into reverse. Teddy Roosevelt built the Panama Canal, Romney can physically move Mount Rushmore to China. Unimplemented Obamacare could become unimplemented Romneycare. Mormon magical undergarments will be revealed to all. I'm really exciting about getting back to Presidential penis under 6 inches.

because your career as a standup comic is never gonna take off.  LOL!

But, if you become bitter, smoke four packs a day, swear incessantly and rip everyone to shreds like some of the comics that he has posted links of in the last year or so, willywonka4u would probably think you are a legend of the comedy industry.

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