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Could this be him Tini...
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...He did say there were big changes coming and that we should be prepared.  This guy was very well prepared.

...He did say there were big changes coming and that we should be prepared.  This guy was very well prepared.

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I come back from time to time to check the board.. I had another grandchild, and mom and baby have been here visiting since the baby was born, almost a month ago not to mention how my wife keeps bringing in pets.. we've gotten 4 cats and a dog now... Almost like the wife knows i need more obligation and responsibility. Either that or she's trying to get our daughter to go home..lol

I can't believe I haven't seen a thread about spain, who's gone broke too!!

I hope all is ok with you..

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If you can't see the economy is going down, you DESERVE to starve

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squirrels and frog? and come back and bring it to me.. You're not to bright, and when the shit hits the fan, I can see you BEGGING to be let in a fema camp... Cause they wont come round folks up, instead you'll be begging to go..

I'll hunt myself or teach a cat or dog to hunt for me. That's a great idea mrng.
Just have to be careful not to let the hunter hunt itself.

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However, this may seem to defy logic BUT cats are the best hunters, even better than dogs.. Dogs are better for protection (if they're big enough).. Cat's ONLY job is to be a hunter.. That's all they do!

A dog will give up its own life to protect it's master, and stay by your side.. A cat will roam and hunt and bring it's hunts to you as a gift

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...cats will bring small game back to their masters for the same reason they bring it to their kittens. They're trying to teach you to hunt. If you never learn, eventually the cat will get some ideas of it's own...

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not only feeding you but trying to teach you..

Cats are VERY interesting animals.. They think very highly of themselves.. I could of used a better word than gift..

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...your vision of what our world will look like in the not-too-distant future.

Squirrels and frogs?  You'll be lucky if they bring you some meeses pieces.

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and the future wont look like this?? Snap out of it.. Current events say we're going this direction.. The only thing you have making you think the future wont look like this is DENIAL.. I'll tell ya one thing AFTER this coming storm happy days are here, a real golden age is coming, but you won't make it.. and in a way, that's a good thing.. ONLY certain people with certain skills are supposed to make it... We can't have a golden age until alot of folks die, unfortunatley.. You have been turned into sloth, and lost your will to even think for your self

The only reason this convo is devolving is I keep replying to you.. and I believe I'm done replying..

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...about the future because of what we are doing to fuck up the planet but there's still a possibility that we'll see what we're doing and change.

"Coming storm", "golden age" - what crystal ball are you gazing into?

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did you seriously just ask the Space Cadet "what crystal ball are you gazing into?" Do you have any idea of how loaded a question that is? Have you ever read her posts? Shut the fuck up!!!

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