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Re: Is it just me...Yes
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It is just you.

You're welcome
2012 = Drug Free GOP

This silly story of Liz Warren claiming to be Indian. - feather not dot - ooops Native American - hits a low in racial classification.

I think the last time that anyone was classified as a minority because of their great, great, great grandmother was in the 30's in Nazi Germany.  I don't think the slave States in the south considered that Negro - the term used at the time for people subject to slavery.

Of course, when you like to hyphinate, that is where you get to.


...or does it seem like Republicans are getting desperate looking for something to complain about?

who are so afraid of a relatively weak candidate like Romney that they are:

A) speculating as to what he would have done had he been President a year ago when bin Laden was killed,

and B) trying to discredit Romney for being an out-of-touch rich candidate when, just eight years ago, they themselves had a so-called out-of-touch, rich candidate

It is just you.

You're welcome
2012 = Drug Free GOP

Warren because she is such a more attractive candidate than Scott Brown,  The native American flap is some more smoke so no one will notice how inept Scott Brown is.

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