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What an elitist snob you are....angry_smile
Snowman39 393 reads

Physical labor is not "dignified"

REALLY ?!?!?!?!

I make a whole hell of a lot more than my yard guy, but I respect and appreciate what he does.

That's the problem, you look down on people who work hard and tell those on the public dole that they should be "proud". Geez, you are really messed up.

At this point, I can only pity you...

nuguy463083 reads

why are we being bombarded by the point - counterpoint of the "dog" issue.

tell me about your plan to bring the economy back.  jobs? reduciing spending?....elements that impact john q public, etc......

RUFF campaign.

Thank you
2012 = GOP

Priapus53440 reads

or, if he has a dog, he's strapping it to the roof of his car------; with his cantankerous mindset, I'm guessing he's between 67-75 years old-------hell----maybe even older------;)

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Snowman39337 reads

Unfortunately by backing these type of absurd arguments, when you do have that rare gem of solid argument, you're credibility is already shot.

Come on Willy, I expect his silly stuff from Priap, but am hoping there is still an adult on this board I can debate.

Priapus53377 reads

speaking of absurdities.

There are some conservatives ( Croix, PW, phil )
who are capable of adult debate here, which is something you're incapable of.

Snowman39548 reads

Please point to the post where I said I was leaving if Obama won this election.

Go for it, or admit you are full of it...

I have said successful people will leave when tax rates get too high.However, the Republicans control the house and the Buffet rules just got voted down in the Democratic controlled Senate. It takes more than a shitty POTUS to make tax rates go up, and when they do, they will need to reach the tipping point for each individual.  I have mine as well, but we are not there yet and based on the Rebublicans continuing to hold at least one home, we will not be ther anytime soon.

So, I continue to live live my no e lifestyle, watch the golfers tee off from the green from my back deck, take a dip in my salt water pool, ad hen take a break and get a laugh while you whine about not getting other peoples stuff for free :-)


Priapus53413 reads

If BHO wins & Dems re-take House, I'll take up collection for new suitcases for you.

As for your "golf course view"--------

nuguy46339 reads

u deny u do want other people to pay for your "must needs?  isn't that the underlining basis of the "o's" game plan?  make more beholden to the usg...kinda keep 'em pregnant and barefoot....how can u deny you want income re-distributed from wealthy repubs to down ond out dems?

Priapus53532 reads

to bolster your self-esteem, you should do the same------------;)

Here is a News Flash For You
Pri-boy, the welfare check, food stamps and other hand outs you get is not payment for spending your entire day on the net looking for and posting childish, stupid cartoons on the P&R board., and constantly lying, and dishonestly distorting the truth about conservatives.

You’re Welcome
2012 = Drug Free GOP

Priapus53365 reads

Unilike you, my job doesn't involve manual labor & is more cerebral &"dignified"-------:

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Snowman39394 reads

Physical labor is not "dignified"

REALLY ?!?!?!?!

I make a whole hell of a lot more than my yard guy, but I respect and appreciate what he does.

That's the problem, you look down on people who work hard and tell those on the public dole that they should be "proud". Geez, you are really messed up.

At this point, I can only pity you...

Priapus53295 reads

Of course those that engage in manual labor are not "undignified"; & where have I said those on the "public dole should be proud" ? Care to hit the board search archive & find that quote ?

So, Snow, got some on the board to pool $ for suitcases & airline tickets when you re-locate to N. Korea----:)

Pria, I realize you like to poke fun at the conservatives here, and that's all fine and good, but I would hope that you could try to raise the quality of the discussion here. All I'm saying is "try it. you might like it." I know I would.

I've just found the boring partisan bickering around here well...boring as of late. Asking some of the conservatives around here to try it, well, that's like waiting for Godot. But if the leftist posters here all give it a shot, that may give them a little more incentive to be less bitchy-partisan.

All I'm saying is that I think it's more interesting to exchange ideas and viewpoints than to demonize each other.

Priapus53321 reads

but the board has a quintet of partisan rightie idiots  ( FFP, Mrnt, Snow, OC & Nuguy ) whose moronic postings make a rational exchange of ideas impossible.

Probably best thing to do is just ignore them & try to get into civil debate with the rest.

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Snowman39531 reads

You calling anyone a partisan idiot is just FRIGGIN HILARIOUS!!!

...but why not give it a shot? The worse thing that can happen is that you'll be the better man, and they'll make fools of themselves. Or, if you prefer, you could ignore them.

I'm just saying that as it stands now, you make fun of them, they get bitchy about it, and then everything goes downhill from there. :/

Pri - boy the better man, that is funny, I mean really fucking funny.

Actually the way it stands  now, pri-boy poats a childish cartoon or pic and posts some stupid insulting remark. someone replies. pri-boy has a temper tantrum causing things to go dowhill.

You're Welcome
2012 = Drug Free GOP

is always the guy ending up looking like a fool.

Mr.Nt has kicked his sorry ass from one side of the board too many times to mention.

And just because his "debates" with PW, phil, and StC are, as he characterizes, civil, they still know he is the boards biggest douchebag. They just call him out in a more "civil way". LMAO!

Accusing others of what you are guilty of doing.

You pri-boy are the one who posts all the stupid, childish cartoons/pics.

You pri-boy are the one who is ( 9 out of 10 times) turning a thread into or starting a  moronic thread.

You pri-boy are the one who is throwing the temper tantrums.

You pri-boy are the one infatuated with Rush (BTW is he toast yet?)

You pri-boy are the one who starts the moronic white Christian male threads

Pri-boy there are no ten people combine on this board who post more stupid, childish, moronic stuff than you.

I could keep going but I have other things to do.

You’re Welcome
2012 = Drug Free GOP

Unlike you I have a legitimate  job and earn an honest living, unlike you I’m not om welfare food stamps and other hand out programs so I cannot sit around all day looking up stupid childish cartoons and post here.

You’re Welcome
2012 = Drug Free GOP

BTW I’ve got all my natural teeth

True I would not consider the fact that you are  collecting welfare, food stamps, and other hand outs manual labor, but does it really take much thought to figure out which end of the envelope to open?...OK maybe for you it it a challenge.

You're welcome
2012 = 28

BTW you are way off on the high side if you think that is my age.

but then again...you are too stupid to realize you are stupid

Snowman39360 reads

Check out the attached.

Korea, Mexico, New Zealand all look good.

Snowman39453 reads

I answer it and you cry about it??


BTW, check out what happened in France when they introduced the millionaire tax.

KissMyAuraDora336 reads

...couldn't get back the value you sunk into it. All those little golf villas look alike anyway.

Retirement communities don't flip well.
Your kids & grand kids can divide up the $50-70,000 equity amongst themselves when you kick the bucket in a few years.

Your stuck where you're at bud.

Snowman39307 reads

but I am not even 50 yet, so not sure where this retirement crap is coming from.

House is fine equity wise, took a hit for sure, but still in the black vs, what I paid for it.

And yes, if taxes got high enough, I would definitely scoot. Why the hell not.

Now I do not make a 1M a year, but if they hit my bracket hard, I would walk. Who wants to work and pay most of it to others.

So unlike you I am guessing, I do have the means, I do have the will, and would leave people like you to wallow wondering where their government assistance went to when no one is left to pay for it.

Look at Greece!

These "successful people" who "will leave when tax rates get too high" sound like true patriots and solid American citizens. Not! And,  how high do taxes need to go before life is just too unbearable for them to cope? Sounds like a very empty threat, just like the empty promise that if the tax rates remain low, they will create jobs. It hasn't worked in the last 10 years. Just another myth!

First, let me say this isn't about Romney's dog. A dog is a dog, and in and of itself, is not all that important.

However, strapping a dog to the roof of a car is illegal. It's also cruel. It demonstrates that Romney has little ability to make decisions while considering the pain and suffering of others.

That is an important thing to consider, since the President of the United States is quite possibly the most powerful man on earth.

It's also quite disturbing, considering that there is a strong link between psychopathic behavior and cruelty to animals.

FistFullOfFifties464 reads

Because the candidates have no control over economy, spending, jobs, etc. That's all smoke and mirrors. Even those that actually hold office don't have much influence over those things. They have control over their home, car, family and pets. Like everybody else.

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