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Hiring an Escort to discuss New World Order Conspiracies!!
EscortMessiah667 8368 reads

I have a great idea. Call the girls on and schedule a date with them. When you come to the date, you can share with the escort about the New World Order Conspiracy. You are paying the escort to hear your conspiracy theory about International Bankers, Jesuit Conspiracy,  Freemasonry, 9/11 inside job, Skull and Bones, Sharia Law invasion, and Billderberg.
It is not a crime to discuss Conspiracy Theories with an escort.
If the woman start taking about trading money for sex, do not accept the offer.  If the escort ask you what you come here for, tell them is to discuss conspiracy theories. It is not a crime to share with an escort about conspiracy theories.
If the undercover officer gets you into a conversation about trading money for sex, it’s time to turn up the heat.   It is time to do a Glen Beck on the woman.   Try to get her to admit she hate Freemasons, Catholics, or Muslim. If she refuses to admit it, tell her that I know you hate Freemasons, Catholics or Muslim. Try to prove to her one of these groups or religions are bad. For example, tell her about Sharia law and how it oppresses women.  Say something like “You have to hate Muslims.”
What is going on is that if you get an undercover cop to admit that they hate Catholics, Muslims or Freemasons, they will be immediately fired from the police department.  Police officers been fired for making derogatory comments or writing comments on race, religion or sexual origin.  According to department rules and civil rights regulation, police officers cannot make derogatory comments or writing comments on race, religion or sexual origin.
You can learn how to do a Glenn Beck on the undercover officer by watching Glenn Beck interview with Debra Medina.  Remember No SEX on the first date with the escort. Just conversation about Conspiracy Theories.  
Only good for USA. May not be good in other countries.

Yours sounds like running a marathon versus a stroll around the block!  Jeez there are easier ways to learn about your date.

as cops can lie or say anything in pursuit of an arrest.  Butt thanks for an interesting amalgam of creative ideas and commentary on such diverse issues and topics. Did you know that the girls do a big business when Bilderberg holds his conferences. As for other countries, in many civilized cunt-trees prostitution is legal or remains undisturbed, so there is no need to worry foreigners with bad dreams about Glen Beck. Was he taken off the air recently? My dog loved to watch his puppet shows with the animals although she had trouble following his math when he illuminated Mr. Soros. Our preoccupation with criminalizing prostitution is perhaps a sign of our decadence and demise as a world leader.  Hope we hear more from you in the future! We need all the help we can get dealing with this problem.

I got into this business so I wouldn't have to wait for the 2nd date.

Don't worry, I won't try to get you into a conversation, it's not polite to talk with your mouth full.

MisterDobalena1550 reads

If I want a second date with a gal, I've just hit the civvie equivalent of lotto. Life is good.

Dude you have way too much time on your hands. Plus, this will never work. Please read this next statement carefully. If you land yourself in the same room with LE you will get arrested and laughed at. You responded to an ad placed in an escort section. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what will happen behind closed doors. Go ahead and try your plan out and see how well it works for you. Newsflash!!!!! cops lie especially vice. Good luck proving Barnietta Fife violated department policy when escorts have a hard enough time proving the doughnut shop patrons got their jollies off before slapping the cuffs on.

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Yo people, here's another awesome video:  
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