Masterbating in my Bubble Bath! :)
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Amber Monroe

Its so quiet on here.... lets cheer it up by sharing what the highlight of our day is!

Mine is watching my kitties play and scaring each other... it makes them jump straight up in the air and it is so funny. They don't have a care in the world... reminds me to just relax and let destiny kick in.

Besides the beautiful ladies that post on the boards.... what is the highlight of your day?

family.  A call from family, a visit from family, a text from family....sometimes, just to say "Hi, I love you".  
It's been a rough few years for my family so getting a call from one of them saying "Hello" is a great joy and a treat.   And, when I get a "thank you" from them, I know that I am appreciated and cared about!  Family is everything to me.

Kitties and puppies are a close second though, Natalie!   I love a certain little French Bulldog!  He's a total PITA sometimes but I love his personality!  He's a hilarious little doggie!!!   And, I love him very much.

I'll second that... specifically, any time I get with my kids is my best time of the day.  One has been out of the house for a few years, in college and now in the working world, so I don't get to see him as much as I'd like but he's matured into quite a young man and I'm proud of him.  My other son is in college, out of town, so again I don't get to see him much but when he is home we spend time together as we have several shared interests (no, you wonderful ladies are NOT one of them!  He has a sweetheart in a long-term relationship.)  He is the most honorable person I know and I am very proud of him also.  Then there's my daughter, in high school... can be a handful sometimes like any teen-ager, but she is really a great kid so I feel very lucky... and did I mention I'm proud of her?  :-)

Nalalie, I love when cats do that.  I have a hilarious video I want to show you now.  I tried to copy and paste, but I can't figure it out... It's on FB, but the link doesn't go anywhere... Damn... Was funny as hell.

Belinda, Friends are often the family you make for yourself.

Knotsaway... I made my girls giggle while having a cuddle, tickle fest.  Was the best thing in the world.

when my availability aligns with the availability of a beautiful woman from TER for a short notice, mutually magical sensual session of seductivity and satisfaction...

Waking up to wild green parrots flying by my open window squawking and realizing I'm in paradise!

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Its going to be 15 below zero here on Friday morning... Ha Ha      

Hey,do you have room for me in that hammock??  ;=P

80 in Orlando right Now....  ;)

Highlight of My Day was getting on the elevator to go down to the pool....Again.....
and there was a younger man, lets say 16 or so,  on there who got visibly interested in my cleavage.  But was trying to act like he wasn't "looking".  

It was so cute.     :)

If he wasn't looking he was either dead or a mannequin!!

He's probably in his room " working " things out right now   LOL

Portia We all look.  At yours for sure.  bigdell

I just got a text w/pics from a young lady that I hooked-up with Mon. nite, works for me!

after my kitties decided the bed was a playground, and not feeling either irked, or tired.  (It sort of went downhill from there, but that would be another thread.)

With wet panties,telling me she was awaiting my arrival.......

Got some very nice client referrals this week..

Just landed a new PA client..

Got business cards made and ready for print for my production company..
Got the website park page finished, proofed  and edited 300 model photos, and got them into albums to put on the FB page and ready for gallery page on website.. sent out a ton intro letters to local designers last week to get ready for Twin Cities Spring Fashion week and so far have 4 designers who we heard back from and scheduled to work with our agency/photographer

Got confirmation for two  podcasts i'll be doing.. one about photos. fashion and marketing the other one will be about kink.. lol

Hanging with my BFF drinking wine and working on ideas with a music guy to score original music for our website..

This day has been full of awesome :)


I think you win!

My highlight in the hobby was yet another FS ONLY client who decided to 'branch out' a little to see me anyway... That was probably HIS highlight, too ;)

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When my appointment had more orgasms than I did tonight!

Its been SO quiet here and no one has mentioned a bad day... so kudos to us all for staying positive. I know its cold out there!

Trinity: google funny cat videos until you find it! (;))

Belinda: Family is great and I agree, but I don't hear from mine every day and my cats are my immediate family so their joy is mine all day long, and my mothers/fathers/brothers/sisters is mine when they share it with me.

Cat: Sounds like you had an awesome week! Way to go lady, Way. To. Go!

Hugs all around,
Natalie :)

PS I went to the WILD game tonight and that topped my day off even harder! MMMmmmmm. Now that hard D*ck I'll be getting in the morning.... should start me of right too ;)

Is when I reflect on all the blessings that have been heaped upon me, and realize my bad days are still better than about 6.5 billion people's best day ever.

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