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Playmates are largely UTR so no this is a fake!!!

IF that is really a Playboy Playmate who is advertising on backpage, those are not unreasonable prices.  She's asking $1000/hr with a 2-hour minimum or $3,000 for an evening.  For a Playmate, that's not bad.

I don't believe though that it is a real Playboy playmate and certainly not a Playmate of the year.  I can't imagine any playmate so hard up that she'd be advertising on backpage. :-)  Through TLC or one of the other agencies, sure.

But, since I don't live in the Boston area, why doesn't someone who does TOFTT and let us know what the real story is? :-)  After all, if she's a fake, you can just walk away and it won't cost anything...

I'm pretty picky (you can look at my reviews) but I'd call her cute and wouldn't throw her out of bed.

Who the hell does she think she's kidding?????  Wow......


Eastern shore refers to the genuinely beautiful DelMarVa peninsula of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. For Bostonians it would be about 300 miles of anticipation, traffic, and eventual disappointment, I fear.

She would surely struggle to get $300 an hour, depending on where she is at on the east coast. Way too much selection in parts of that region and while her asking price is not unattainable, it is if your a girl with fake claims (Hustler maybe, no way Playboy) average, perhaps slightly above average looks, and I would assume no reviews to attest to her providing a quality session.

That is Briana Banks money and that she ain't.

She could do ok in my region (Cincy Dayton OH) where standards are lower and selection is bad, I still wouldn't see her, she just does not appear to be a perfect 10 by any stretch, but she could probably get $250 to $300 an hour here with good reviews - she has no chance in any eastern metro region where the selection is better, especially at that rate.

Makes me wonder if the ad is some kinda weird gag, not a scam just some kinda weird ploy of some kind - very few ads I have ever read have discouraged someone from taking the plunge, "she explicitly states not to contact her unless you have 2k", makes me chuckle to wonder what would transpire if one tried to meet her...

Anyone check out the background of those photos - from the looks of things a clean house and mattress should be what should make her happy.

Always thought it would be a good thread, though not sure on what board, the most funny thing you have ever seen in the background of photo for an ad for an escort, lots of funny stuff to this effect on backpage.

Playmates are largely UTR so no this is a fake!!!

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