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Sneak preview: Kelly Buttwoman' Devine will feature in my Big Ass Crackers #2, release July 2012::))
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Just wanted to let you all know that I am touring Boston May 6-9 and will be available for bookings!
If you would like to see me and my most famous assets please e-mail me:

or text only 818-732-0449

Looking forward to meeting all of my special fans, and possibly make some new one!!!


Kelly Divine

PS....I am new to TER so you know I will be on my best game, so you all can give me some bootylicious reviews!!!

Oh I know how gorgeous your ass is my dear, Ive spanked it a few times remember. But I also love her in that you can talk to her about anything and she wont hold back when she converses w/you.

Kelly can you bring that ass over to the Wash DC area, so some of us here can get our turn pounding away at it? Im serious.

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