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As a former member of the community who is selectively dipping a toe back in the water I have to say that I am saddened by what is now called "customer service".

I remember a time when screening for example, though done voice-to-voice, was done pleasantly, painlessly and one was made to feel welcomed.  

Today it seems that misrepresentation (age/body type etc), and just plain rudeness ("I know you want 2 hours but I am only available for 1 so if you want to see me that's all you get") are everyday practices.  Emails and phone calls should NEVER go unacknowledged - even if it is to say "no thank you".  When an assistant says "XYZ will be calling you back within an hour to confirm your appointment this evening" well gee, make the call and don't leave a prospective client hanging in the breeze.  I know that my money is the same as the next person's but blowing someone off is a sure way to make sure I never contact you again.

If simple communication is performed this poorly how good can the other service being sought really be?

Don't get me wrong, there are some truly nice people out there but they seem to be further and farther between than ever.

I can't say i took it the way you did though. It's something that I've experienced before i just write it off as a part of the hobby and move on. Sometimes I'll bother trying that girl again, usually not.

You should call Laci. She delivers great customer service. 413-344-6381 or email
See attahced review

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No offense, but could you be a little clearer in your posts, and maybe use a spell checker? I have no idea what your post is trying to say.  Not all of us understand textspeak

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was nit the giro with the 3 average you saw?

translated to

"was night the girl with the 3 average you saw?"

Yes they are quite the challenge to read, but does keep the mind sharp.

i have this very annoying condition called fibromyalgia, it acts up sometimes and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,instead of getn off ter n doin sumthin nelse i will be all into it and keep posting! and then well messages start bein typed bit odd.  but thank you for notiving and have a good day. xo angel of boston

voice recognition software this week n not postn til thenn

Sorry if some people were inconsiderate in regards to your typing. It seemed pretty obvious that it was more than a spell check issue and it was rude to address it the way it was.

There's no reason to stop posting just because of a few inconsiderate people.

Go easy, their are some legitimate issues that affect the typing.
Be glad you are not in the same boat!

I assure you I never a lady with those types of scores...are you offering to be the first?

To each their own.

You take the time to fill out the contact form, send the required info, then sit back and wait and wait and wait.
The lady either doesn't need your biz, or doesn't care that she's loseing biz.
I think some of them, just have a hard time keeping up with all the appointment requests.
In fact, i know they do.
Some need assistants, but refuse to do so????
Not sure how they keep their biz going, with poor customer service.

I don't waste my time with the Neurotic and Bi-Polar providers anymore.  I hope they get help, but I am not here to pay for their therapy and getting nothing back in return.  Sounds cruel but sorry.

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