I could still read it, at least on Classic. eom
mrfisher 87 Reviews 1222 reads

-- Modified on 5/7/2012 9:48:49 AM

heard you complain, the review has been pulled.
It's not a good idea to mess with reviews Gods

While I wouldn't go near her I don't really see what your issue is.
Everything discussed in the review has been deemed acceptable by TER...

I_am_brian_fellows1412 reads

Whether it is real or not doesn't matter, as long as it has juicy, oozing details. The fact that it is that guys only review makes it suspicious, to say the least, and the bareback stuff, as stupid as it is for most people, is allowed here.

Someone should contact her to verify the information.

Bareback reviews are a mixed bag. A good provider can be damaged if a hobbyist lies about that having had bareback sex with her. But the information can be useful for hobbyists that want to avoid a provider that does bareback sex. As things are, good honest providers that don't do bareback need to figure out stategies for dealing with the occasional hobbyists that tries to dynamite her business by making a bareback claim as a way of extracting revenge.

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