60 and Over

Costs???? eom
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I just had the surgery 3 weeks ago.very painful the first two weeks, but I have been told
The rewards are endless. You pump it up to where you feel comfortable and you good for hours.
You will have normal sex as long as you want, and release the pump. It's a 6 week recovery. Already doing bbbj
And enjoying that to it fullest.

I hope you enjoy for many years to come.

On a humorous note.  Don't overpump and have a blowout.

I know the recovery is more than real bad but you cannot tell a guy has had it done unless you see them "fix it" before and after. I highly recommend them. If I was a man no way would I go the viagra or injectables route with the option of a pump. Enjoy!

Stephanie in Atlanta

Very cool for you.  As my over 60 clients have shown me, age is just a number.  If it takes a pump to bring a great big smile to your face - I say go for it.  More power to you.

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