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Thats what I was thinking - 31 in a year!!

It’s been a year now that I had my first encounter in the hobby, and what a year it’s been!  It’s a whole new world of delights that I had no clue existed.  Yeah, I knew about high-end escorts, whom the Elliot Spitzers of the world frequent, but that’s not me.  I also knew about the low-end street-walkers, whom the Hugh Grants of the world frequent, but that too is not me.  The closest I came was getting happy endings in AMP’s if I was out of town and could find one, or going to a Massage Envy in town, but I always left there unfulfilled.

So, after too many years in a non-sexual home environment, I ventured online to see if there were sensual massages to be had here in Minnesota.  I discovered BP, and Alexa was the first provider to see me.  I had no references, so she took a chance.  I was so naïve—and scared!—that I didn’t touch her at all, and the session ended with no HE.  Fortunately, we did a second session soon thereafter, and I left a happy man.  I then tried a full-service escort, Sweet Sarah, and she too agreed to see me without any references.  I had a sweet time with her.  I’m grateful to both ladies for taking these chances with me.

Since then, it’s been a pleasure palace of sensual delights with ladies of all different stripes.  I’ve seen many great ladies, and repeated with several.  And, I’ve engaged in the world of TER, which has been fun…though, I must admit I’m surprised at some of the viciousness that surfaces on the boards occasionally.  I’ve enjoyed the threads, and feel like I’ve “met” lots of friends, both providers and hobbyists.  I’ve stuck pretty much with TER-reviewed or recommended ladies, and I’ve been fortunate: I’ve only had a couple of encounters where I’d never go back.  

I remember reading experienced hobbyists saying how they could spot frauds or LE ads in BP, and wondered how that could be.  But, I can now say that I can sort through those myself pretty well, so I’ve recently been venturing into the BP world to give some new ladies a chance, and they’ve all been great.  How can I tell?  No magic formula.  I’m like the Supreme Court Justice, Potter Stewart, who famously said, “I can’t define pornography, but I know it when I see it.”  I can’t define a fake ad very well, but I think I know one when I see one.

So, what did I learn?  I learned that this world of the hobby is incredibly varied and rich.  It includes teenage ladies and 50-somethings, ladies with kids and those without, married ladies and singles, even students.  It includes full-time providers and part-timers who also have jobs in the civvie world.  I learned that in this context, being a mother-f***** and an ass-kisser are good things!  ☺  I learned lots of new sexual practices and positions, having practiced only one position (mish) previously.  Mostly, I just had one whale of a great time!

So, thanks to all the great ladies in the hobby.  I also thank the many hobbyists who have educated me via PM’s or board postings.  

Cheers to all of you!  It’s been a great year.

From one old guy to another; Congrats on a great year...and you probably added years to your life with all the great "activities", excersise, massage therapy and hot fun.  Makes life worth living!  Appreciate your contributions here on the board too!

I, too, am grateful to SweetSarah, for taking a chance on me early on. From there, I've had nearly two years of experiences a lot like yours, especially feeling like I'm really living for the first time in too long.

Here's hoping it gets even better. Keep posting; your messages are very readable, and definitely more valuable than all the hate.


I am impressed at how hard providers work.  I'm talking about the ones who last, not those who try it and are out of the biz within a year or two.  It IS hard work, and they constantly place themselves in vulnerable situations, meeting one stranger after another, week in and week out.  Some get cynical and jaded, but I've been impressed at how so many keep a sweet spirit, and how they make us hobbyists feel like they really ARE enjoying us.  

So, please know, ladies, that your hard work and professionalism do not go unnoticed by...I'm guessing...the vast majority of us hobbyists.  Certainly by me!

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.... and 31 sessions in a year! Wow --- Now that's a man who enjoys having a good time - often! LOL - Where DO you find the time.............! I only wish .....................!


TER has opened up a new world for many of us, and yes its like a secret society. I too had no idea that a guy in this town could meet an escort who was in Playboy magazine like Erin Lee. I had no idea of the quaility that is available. I suspect many more men would get involved if they thought they could get away with it.

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