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For a little giggle today...poor George!


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Wow! After all these years I finally feel vindicated and guilt free. I'm going to celebrate!

Thank goodness we have evolved sexually over the last 50 years and (hopefully) no longer have stigmas attached to perfectly normal behavior. I would imagine there are still some poor souls who needlessly struggle....that is very sad.

Many cultures are way ahead of us, too, and many are way behind. The Aussies, Brazilians, Argentinians, Costa Ricans, Canadians, and most Europeans have fewer issues with sexuality than we do.

The Middle East, North Africa, India, Pakistan, etc... well... it gets crazy in those parts.

At least society finally got past that stage....

Literally!!   LOL.    She told me that if I continued doing that, my hand would fall off.   Good thing I was a bit
of a rebel in my youth!  LMFAO.  Grandmother could not have been more wrong!!!

is because they are so repressed and so frustrated. I'd feel sorry for them if they weren't constantly trying to oppress the rest of us.

BTW...his reference to "socks" gumming up the plumbing is because that is what the kid had been using...and flushing!



I finally found the passage from the Boy Scout Manual, circa: my youth, which gave us Boy Scouts a moral compass on masturbation:

"At times the glands discharge part of their secretions through the sex organ during sleep. This process is called a nocturnal emission or a “wet dream”. It is perfectly natural and healthy and a sign that nature has taken care of the situation in its own manner.

There are boys who do not let nature have its own way with them but cause emissions themselves. This may do no physical harm, but may cause them to worry.

Any real boy knows that anything that causes him to worry should be avoided or overcome. If anything like this worries you, this is not unusual – just about all boys have the same problem. Seek the correct answer to any question which bothers you about your development from boy to man. But be sure to get your information from reliable sources – your parents, your physician, your spiritual adviser."

Yikes! I'm certainly not going to ask my spiritual adviser about beating off, especially if I were Catholic!  ;)

As an adolescent, my friends and I would often retreat to our fort in the woods and jerk off to our stolen Playboys. Quite a vintage collection of Playboys were ruined by sticky pages. At Scout camps, my somewhat perverted troop would often amuse ourselves, (after the Scout leaders had turned in for the night) by seeing how far we could shoot our jiz into the encircled campfire and listen to the sizzle as it hit the coals. It wasn't uncommon then to be able to shoot an arc of 10 ft. or so. A bit homoerotic, I suppose, but we weren't too shy about expressing ourselves at that stage. It would seem pretty weird to me, now, to do similar acts without a naked woman present. I wonder if the Scouts now offer a merit badge in masturbation?

From a health standpoint; frequent male ejaculations help ward off prostate cancer.

if I've got this right.  Jerking off doesn't cause you harm, but it may make you worry.  So you should avoid it because it makes you worry, so you shouldn't jerk off....

Why didn't they just own up and say not to worry about it???  Whew!

And yes, I recall camping out and having jerkoff contests with my buddies.

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