Re: That's an easy one....
MsChayse 1061 reads

Oh sweetie. I've had my moments! I've just learned over time it does little good. Now I just type/delete. Lol!

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Admit it now. You thought this was a rant thread. Didn't ya? Mmmm Hmmmm.... Lol! Noper! Sorry! Tee, hee! This is a how do you like to f**k thread! Baaaaaaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Layin back w/ my favorite toy ready to rub one out. Tell me how you like to FUCK!

With a partner I guess....?  There's your answer.  LMAO!!!  You never rant...

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Oh sweetie. I've had my moments! I've just learned over time it does little good. Now I just type/delete. Lol!

I like to fuck AFTER I eat. (If you are what you eat, then I'm a pussy)

Then I love mish so I can see her cute face, hot breasts and sweet honey pot. Also I like round two: when I can pound that bad girl for 30 minutes until she has trouble walking (after).

You must be a saddist!! Why would you want
to hurt her??

How come are you posting on the
minn boards Lina?

I for one am glad that you are visiting our cities and this board.
We need some more life and fun and sassy retorts..

I, for the life of me, cannot figure why he would question your attendance here.

Hope you stick around-at least on the board.  I can only imagine what it would be like to be sandwiched between your magnificent mammaries and the bountiful Ms Good.

As for that mammary sandwich you mentioned, ya know .. that can still be arranged :)

Given all PMs and emails I've been getting, looks like it will be my first but definitely not last visit to MN!


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I like to be ridden.

mish.  The older I get, the narrower the options if I want to finish.  But I'll build up to it in about every other position.

No, really. Guys leave me cold. And I can't do it with teenagers. I feel like a pedophile. I started sleeping with 40-something (and some 50-something) women back when I was 23, and have only occasionally looked back since. That said, I like to take a good, long time. An hour simply isn't long enough to really have sex. I can't really do it in less than 2, and I really prefer 3 or 4. I don't schedule dates with the ladies here for less than 3 hours, unless it's just for a meal and conversation. As far as positions, I like them all. My favorite position changes depending upon the woman I'm with. Different bodies fit together differently.

I usually prefer mish or CG.  I like the control mish gives me and watching her move beneath me is hot.  At the same time, CG frees up my hands and I can enjoy her breasts better from that position.  Also, if she really gets going, just watching and feeling her move around as she seeks what feels best is really hot!

With my last partner, only one position was really doable. When I started hobbying, I tried CG, K9, etc., but what I keep coming back to is missionary. It's a primal thing for me. It kind of gets me out of myself and I'm just in the animal moment.

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