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1) It was an  hr each way (2 hrs total)
2) I NEVER reveal my vehicle. I rarely park in the same location as the incall, and I always arrive much earlier than expected to ensure I'm not spotted getting there.
3) I did NOT go to the McDonalds  I parked some ways away prior to calling.

Sorry dude...wasn't looking for a critique - just sharing the experience with others in the event they were considering this girl.

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'Wondering if others have experienced this....

Made arrangements for an incall, was given the address and told it was her apartment. Upon arriving at the address provided, turns out it's a McDonalds! I called and she said she'd "Meet me there to make sure I was Ok"...WTF!?

Ummmm - NO, sorry, I will not give away my identity by allowing you access to my vehicle. Secondly, I wont put myself in that vulerable a spot just in case your LE.

REALLY...what annoys me most is that if that was her way of 'screening' - then why not say that up front. You wasted my time(not to mention the horrendous sweather which made the 2 hours driving a nightmare).

As I tried 'working it out' with her, she simply hung up.



I have heard of providers meeting in public places near their incall but that was a good one sorry it happened.  It's really Le to blame though.  Lately they have been cracking down hard on providers.  I have met a couple this spring that I had seen before who've been recently busted and now are screening and didn't before.  I am also noticing that a lot of the ads for ladies that have been around a while are now screening too.  I expect after November things may calm down a bit.  I doubt she was LE.  She was most likely trying to prevent getting busted.  She should have said I will need to meet you somewhere public first so you could have planned accordingly.

And I really doubt LE would use a tactic like that; they want to make it easy for guys to get in so they can arrest them.  There are plenty of legit providers on BP but it takes some research to figure out which ones are OK.

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She was likely not LE, no. Perhaps things will calm down after 11/12. I hope the screening, however, continues to rise. Election year or not.

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You drove two hours to see a provider on BP? This is not something I would ever do. 99.99% of those on BP are simply not worth that long of a drive for a less than GFE experience lasting 30 min and costing you $ 50 - $ 200? If her pictures are accurate, I doubt she takes anything less than $ 150 from her clients.

You say that you did not want to give your identity to her by allowing her access to your vehicle yet you drove all the way to the address she gave you? Your reasoning is not very sound even if you knew a head of schedule that the address was a McDonald's which doesn't sound like you did.

1. She could have been there eating a Triple Big Mac with Extra Large Fries and a Coke watching out for you. In such a case you would have been giving your identity and access to your vehicle away to her anyway.

2. If you were not aware this was a McDonald's and drove all the way to the address you would still be giving her your identity and access to your vehicle. She could have been watching you from a window of her in-call because this is what Backpage girls with in-calls do.

Next time you see someone on Backpage at her in-call, I suggest you park a minimum of two blocks away and hoof it if you are serious about not giving away your identity or allowing access to your vehicle.

1) It was an  hr each way (2 hrs total)
2) I NEVER reveal my vehicle. I rarely park in the same location as the incall, and I always arrive much earlier than expected to ensure I'm not spotted getting there.
3) I did NOT go to the McDonalds  I parked some ways away prior to calling.

Sorry dude...wasn't looking for a critique - just sharing the experience with others in the event they were considering this girl.

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Yes, lots of BS on BP. As a new provider, I listed there and am very legit and reviewed.  I didn't know any better. Certainly there must be a few more providers who advertised on BP that are who they represent themselves to be. No longer do I have an ad there because there are as many sketchy potential clients as there are providers, along with the stigma attached to BP ads.

You make several valid points, other than the generalization of all providers listed on BP offering incall. One thing neglected, however, is a mention he get himself verified. A very simple process to put legitimate providers at ease and perhaps not meeting at a McDonald's for crying out loud, and discrete protection for himself.

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may I suggest a lady/girl from TER?   I know some ladies/girls from BP are wonderful providers but why not take a look at the top 100 and the MN ad board and see on of the finest MN has to offer.  

If screening is a problem for you, then I say you probably will have to stick with BP and the run-around.  

Good luck

Since you already are familiar enough with TER to post. When you find a girl on BP that interests you, check her out on TER. I think any odd LE check will have been vetted. VIP gives a wealth of info worth the time or money. I would suggest if you want help be helpful, giving reviews of those you have seen helps others.
As for BP I would guess most in the top 100 started somewhere similar to BP or with an agency.
So I would suggest there are gems on BP that are just as hot as the top ten on TER.
At times the board appears to be divided between the verified and the unverified. Being verified is easy for some and not for others. If you are a small business owner that works with family maybe not so easy.
As in all other parts of life some play well with others, some not so much.

Sorry you went through what you did.

Agree. TER works well for me as a filter. I still look around on BP. If I see someone I like, I come to TER to look for reviews. If I don't find them, I move on, or fall back on girls I've seen before.

Backpage and Citivibe are great for announcing last moment availability.  There is no shame for well established well reviewed companions to place an ad on ether site.

There is however world of difference between BP girls and BP advertisers.

Happy hunting and stay safe!


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Well said, thank you for that. Please remember, while as a provider our good reviews, including the "juicy details" are on the table for seekers to find; those reviews show us as legit and safe. The provider requires that comfort too. If there truly is no way a client can be discretely verified via an online service, then yes- please, please review your encounters so you are creating SOME sort of history within this trusted resource community.

I have a strict screening process for my own comfort and safety.  It's not just LE that I think about.  There are psychos out there!  Minnesota surely has less then Wisconsin (Ed Gein, Jeffery Dahmer), but we're due!  Ok, so I'm more concerned about LE...

That being said, if I don't get at least one reference from a girl I trust, I will consider a meet and greet for coffee or something.  This is well established ahead of time, as I want to have a good reputation in this community.  I think it is important for you guys to be cautious as well.  I have only ever advertised on TER and p411, because I was able to get in through a very wise mentor in this business, and Backpage and Cityvibe just didn't seem like places I'd want to advertise.  If I was LE, that's the first place I'd look.

They look everywhere, its in our best interest to screen no matter where people come from.
I also know that having a potential guests personal info isn't foolproof either.
This is why references come in handy.
I also think there's a difference between backpage advertisers and backpage girls.

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I had a weird experience this last weekend. I wanted to see  a reviewed girl this weekend.I called and she wanted all my ter info. I gave it to her and I spoke to her while I was on my way. She told me to park in the restaurant parking lot. She wanted me to give a description of my car and I gave her the car in front of me. I really started to feel spooked so i drove past parked  a ways away and walked up.I spotted a unmarked cop car in the lot I was supposed to pull into I received a call asking where I was and I told her I was there.  A  marked car entered the lot and I decided discretion was the better part of valor and I split.Be careful in northwest suburbs. Im not sure if I was  being set up or it was a coincidence but i was scared I texted that there was cops there and received no response.

If it wasn't then we cant even trust seeing a reviewed lady.  Her lack of response to your text says to me you were right to split.  I have split when cops are at a hotel.  Its better to piss off a provider on a hunch than go to jail.

Which reviewed girl you were on your way to see, so the rest of us can be forewarned.

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I hope it was a coincidence it was kylie from up north she was advertising with alexis. I sure felt like I was being set up

I called Alexis a couple of weeks ago and she wanted to see a pay stub for verification I wasn't LE so I passed.  Maybe it was coincidence that the cops were there she seemed very cautious to me.  Alexis has been doing outcall only lately when was this?

Really hope it was coincidence perhaps you spooked her by making her aware of the LE presence and that's why she didn't respond? I would if left as well.

I suspect it was coincidence but I am not going to take a chance with something like that.

Kylie and Alexis now on st cloud BP this am.   AND, there has been talk of LE activity up here...Coincidence??  Stay Safe!!

I don't care how big or small the town is...if a girl does not ask you for references...do not see her...AND make sure she has reviews.

It's simple....think with your head and not your dick.

Amber Monroe

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