And yes! My "Y" is the best eats in town, for sure ;) (eom)
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I'm a bit of a foodie and I hear that Minneapolis has some amazing culinary delights. I am looking to sample some while I'm here :) any suggestions for a hungry girl? Especially healthy eats!


Veronica Sweets

especially noticing the level of provider you see and have seen.

I would like your take on the best the TC has to offer.  PM if you like.

You already know the dolls that are the best in that category.

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especially noticing the level of provider you see and have seen.

I would like your take on the best the TC has to offer.  PM if you like.

is the 112 Eatery, always fantastic!

112 Eatery rocks, but it can be hard to get a reservation.  If you're a night owl, swing on by late, like 11 or so and you can often get right in.

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is the 112 Eatery, always fantastic!

I wouldn't call Minneapolis a culinary capital...the emphasis seems to be on large portions and bland food.  Nonetheless...here are some downtown places...

Solera - used to be mostly tapas, but now offering more main courses.  In Tapas days had some really interesting stuff.

D'Amico at the Chambers Hotel -- pretty good; definitely worth going just to check out the hotel's art.  Take in the gallery and then go upstairs and check out the hallways....nothing like it.

Oceanaire -- good seafood.  Worth a visit.

La Belle Vie - IMHO, hugely overrated.  Over-complicated food in a drab setting that they try to pass off as sophisticated.  Go somewhere else.

Bombay Bistro - This downtown hole-in-the wall, with an odd Nutcracker statue out front, is about the best Indian the TC has to offer.

Manny's -- In the W Hotel, which is worth checking out.  A good steak house, if you like steak houses.  

If you're thinking of going farther afield....try Heartland in St. Paul.  Locavore fine dining with a farmer's market store attached.  They were actually selling bull's testicles the other day.

And yes, 112 Eatery is good.

PM me if you want more or have particular questions.

The Dakota Jazz Club is a great music club that also has great food.
For Steak Murray's which has been around since 1946 is very good.

Right across the street from 112 Eatery. Chef is an Iron Chef participant. Speciality cocktails are fun. Broad range of dishes creatively prepared and attractively presented.

If you like meat and want to pig out, Fogo De Chao is really good.

Fletchers on Lake Minnetanka has the best steaks!

Thanks for all the suggestions! I was at Hell's Kitchen and Mannys last time I was here and they are both wonderful! Can't wait to try out a few more!

Last nights dinner made my top 5:

Himalayan Restraunt (yes, tht is the name)



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Cristos is the best Greek Restaurant in Minneapolis IMO.  Check it out!  For burgers, it has to be the Nook is St. Paul.  Seafood, Oceanaire for sure.  Steak...Murray's, hands down.  Mexican food at Poncho Villa is truly authentic and amazing.  Have fun!!

Next trip try Lucia's - 25 years of organic dining.
Or Saffron (Mediterranean with a US twist)- youngest great chef in US.

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