Politics and Religion

"Religion is a crutch for weak-minded sheep" - - Jesse Ventura, Playboy Mag Nov. '99 (eom)
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Not just some practitioners of the religion, but the religion itself.  

My question is:  Do you think President Bush secretly shares your views?  Certainly, he does not share them publicly.

G.W.  He's the man!!  He doesn't like thugs and assassins but has reached out to Muslims here and abroad w/his statements that islam is a religion of peace.  I don't like the religion of Islam personally but when I was is school 28 years ago, I had a friend by the name of Budia who majored in Hotel management.  He was from Iraq and I hope he has survived the last 29 years.  I lost touch w/him when I left college.

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my question is whether he secretly agrees with the kinds of views that Bribite expressed, or thinks that those kinds of views are wrong.  

My question is still unanswered.

Islam is a warrior religion, spread by conquest.  Its goal is hegemony, with unbelievers either dead, converted, or paying tribute to Islam.

Read the Koran before you jump to the conclusion that this is a peaceful religion.  (BTW, don't admit that you've done it and have not converted, because Moslems *will* kill you.)  Look at the history of Islam and how it spread, and the strategy in which its practitioners followed.  In only one sense is it a religion of peace: only when the world is conquered for Allah.


But in a different way.  

I'm an atheist, and a heathen.  I find nothing to recommend a religion that advocates, quite directly, that I be killed.  I take that very personally.  That's my major criticism, but it doesn't stop there.  The closer I look at Islam, the worse it gets.  It has expropriated every flaw of Christianity, it seems to me, and magnified them.

George Bush, being a Christian, wouldn't have this problem.  They wouldn't put him to death, they'd just conquer him and demand...taxes.  So he doesn't have the down in the gut personal objection to this religion that I do.


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religion is a social/political institute for the control of peoples thoughts , lives and actions , based on ancient myths and superstitions, perpertrated through generations of subtle yet persuasive brainwashing---WOODEN

I don't think Bush gives it much thought (not being sarcastic - really).  I agree that some posters have said negative things about Islam.  I also remember a post that was extremely negative towards Israel and the guy caught hell for it.  I just want to know why is it not okay for this guy to be anti-semitic but it is okay for others to be (quasi) anti-islamic (some outright anti-islamic) ?  So, each of the respective parties have reason to dislike/hate but why is this other guy not entitled to his hatred as well ?

Now, before you jump all over me (call me a camel fucker) my question is:  Why is the other guy not entitled to his hatred but others are ?

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Arabs want to kill Jews, Christians, Americans, etc., all in the name of Islam.  Jews in Israel are just trying to live in peace without being blown up every time they go on a bus or to a pizza parlor.  Do Jews go around killing people in the name of Judaism?  Israelis have gone to great lengths to avoid killing innocent Arab civilians, while Arab terrorists, in the name of Islam, do nothing but target innocent Israeli civilians.  Israelis stand in front of their women and children and try to protect them, while Arab terrorists use their women and children as protective shields.  Unfortunately, anti-semitism is still very prevalent in this world (a large portion of Europe didn't learn a thing from WWII and still blames Jews for their problems despite the fact that there are so few Jews left in many of these countries), and one has to ask what Israel could possibly have done to deserve all this hatred.  After all, Israel has been attacked from the moment it was declared a state, and has NEVER had a moment of peace since 1948.  As for me, I have no respect whatsoever for Arabs, and I think that Israel has been REMARKABLY restrained in dealing with the problem.  If the Arabs were to talk and bargain with the Israelis IN GOOD FAITH (something that is likely beyond their capability), this whole Middle East situation could probably be solved in 10 minutes.  But it will never be solved if the Arabs continue to refuse to accept Israel as a state and desire only its destruction.

But to directly answer your question, the guy you're refering to who apparently hates Israel (I didn't see the post - I wish I had) is entitled to his hatred, just as many of us are entitled to rip that mental pygmy apart whenever he comes up from the sewer.  In the meantime, I'll reserve my barbs for those who deserve them, and I'll shower my compliments on those who deserve them.

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