"guerilla marketing" is the correct spelling. (eom)
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We have all pretty much agreed that we do not talk about ads from the Therapeutic Section.
But here is an example of an ad that is all wrong.  

Plus it is from a therapist that until about 9 months ago used to advertise nude yoga massage in the body rubs section.


The Therapist makes a point of showing off her bikini clad body in every picture; yet says this is for "guerilla marketing" only.  Her spelling not mine.

What does this person expect to get from the customer with this ad?

doggie_daddy42952 reads

She is VERY clear about her intentions- and it is in the Therapeutic section.

she says:

I am a bikini division bodybuilder and personal trainer.
I utilize my pics for guerilla marketing only.
All services are therapeutic and full draping is required. This is a professional facility.
If you are serious about getting a good massage, but enjoy the company of an educated and sexy female at the same time, I am the girl to contact.

am I missing something here????

She's a great looking lady.  Better be nice...she could beat you up.   She loooks mighty strong!  
Sex sells....she be leaving  you all hi and dry.  tsk-tsk   LOL

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Half naked girls have been selling products for years.  Everything from insurance to internet domains.

Better to focus your attention on the dizzying variety of lovely ladies who post ads here and are well reviewed.

Fussing over coulda - shoulda - woulda will drive you crazy.

Life is short, choose to enjoy more~!

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different than those that put a hot model in a swimsuit on the hood of a really nice car.

Hint - You are not buying the model no matter how hard you try.

Many agencies also put models on the front pages of their website but the model is not really an escort.

It appears she is advertising in the correct section with full disclosure. As far as nine months ago, she might have changed her service level.

As far as what she expects to get? Her stated compensation for legitimate services provided.

But her personality doesn't match her pictures.  She has also been enhanced since I saw her.

And it has been a staple of advertising as long as I can remember.  After all, how many car ads feature hot women posing provocatively?  If you buy one, they don't come with the car nor are they the mechanic who will fix it or the engineer who designed it.

I remain impressed with the forgiving nature of this group.

I remain nonplussed by a therapist that runs sexy ads, charges body rub rates (4100 per hour), yet informs you that you should not expect anything other than a regular massage.

By the way, I did have a regular massage from her when she opened (not far from my home turf).  Very lame massage, stayed away from glutes etc. (she now advertises she does those).  Also completely forgot my first appointment and did not offer to make it up to me.

But as always your mileage may vary and probably will.

How much is her hourly rate??  I've looked all over her site and can't find a fixed rate. Perhaps it does vary then person to person?

AltTraveler588 reads

With 100s of other ladies to choose from why obsess over this one? I thought the ad was clear.

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