To avoid dating and still be fulFILLED and to help with college -eom-red_smile
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My spouse lost interest in any type of physical intimacy over ten years ago. We've talked many times about it and she told me that she felt guilty and wouldn't mind if I sought it elsewhere. Affairs are too messy and difficult to initiate. Besides, I could never attract the 18- 24 years old ladies that get me aroused. I like both long-term relationships and flavor of the day experiences in the hobby. I've met some of the most wonderful women of all ages that I've known over the past five years.

....usually got them at AMP's on a hit-or-miss basis.  Searching local massage opportunities online last year, I came across BP.  A lady took a chance on me (with no references), and she mentioned TER.  I discovered this whole new world, so expanded my menu of experiences.  It's been great.  As idm says, I've met some great ladies in person, and enjoyed the TER boards, including exchanging info with like-minded hobbyists via PM's.  It's a wonderful new world that I would never have discovered if it weren't for the internet.

...when I was young, broke, and didn't have a lot of other options. But I never minded it--I never had ethical hangups about being a "whore," "slut," etc. I loved the attention and the fact that there is never a dull moment in this business. It ended up suiting my temperament really well... which is why I've stuck around so long (even though, as some have probably noticed, I take extended breaks as I need them).

I've met so many unique, interesting people, and I've learned how to feel confident and powerful in my own body. This job helped me stop caring so much what other people thought of me. Not to mention all the real-life skills I've picked up along the way (marketing, web design, conflict resolution...). Also not to mention that I love making other people feel sexy and good about themselves.  

And the money, of course. :) This job essentially put me through college, and now through grad school, and I have a lot more free time than friends who work 40+ hours a week just to scrape by.

It's not that I can't cook, but sometimes I'm just too damn lazy to go through the motions.

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Like a previous poster, my wife lost all interest in intimacy many years ago.  I love my wife and am devoted to her.  We share many interests and seldom have disagreements, but we are night and day when it comes to sack time.  The hobby gives me a way to occasionally experience intimacy, even if for only a brief time.  After trying a variety of providers, full body sensual massage (FBSM) providers are my favorites.  A good FBSM provider knows how to create a sense of intimacy with her client while maintaining the necessary boundaries.  I'm not able to last very long when with a FS provider, but I can enjoy a full hour of close contact with a lovely FBSM lady until the grand finale.  It may not be a perfect substitute for intimacy with a spouse but it helps maintain my sanity.

For no strings attached hedonistic fun and the great non judgemental ladies I've met. Mission Accomplished!! ....besides my ATF always tells me what a slut I am.

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I'm married and have kids and love my wife (who can't get enough of it).  However, I like beautiful naked ladies.  I also need an escape from reality with someone who puts no demands on me and is there to please me (not necessarily just on physical but on an emotional level sometimes).

I no longer am married but it was sexless. On a side note, Grantarino, you lucky shit! Play around and a wife who can't get enough? Talk about having your cake and eat it too. I don't play all that often but have been a member for 10 plus years. With these wonderful ladies I don't have to game play, work the right magic, go through drama, many cliches to the action "out there." Getting laid to get laid isn't nearly as enjoyable as fantasy fulfilling. Sure saves a lot of time. A beautiful, classy, dressed to kill woman catering to me, cutting straight to the chase, is wonderful. Especially when the mood for serious role play hits.

My wife died several years ago and as an older guy didn't want to get back into dating etc.  So for starters:
1 enjoying the company of beautiful younger women who don't really want to hang out with a 55+ guy
2 have been reasonably successful so it's good to share my good fortune with others who are willing participants
3 still love the sexual aspect including some fanticies with lovely young women
4 no emotional attachments my wife's death was to emotionally painful
5 momentary visit to an oasis to escape some of lifes difficult moments
And did I say I love sex.....so much fun

So thank you to all the providers you have made a difference in someone's life.

Finding a civvie woman with whom I have a mutual attraction, including a sexual one is difficult so I am not going to be celibate in the meantime.
I really enjoy sex with young, hot women.
Some of the ladies I have met while doing this are a genuine joy to know.

I've connected more with a few of the P4P gals than I ever guessed I would, which is what keeps me coming back. Each session is like a mini-vacation from reality.

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After 35 yrs of marriage,the last 10 sexless, i wound up divorced and unhappy. I felt id missed out on a lot of sex. At 60+ i needed to fill a void and turned to this hobby.I have met many fantastic ladies who have filled my void. This hobby is one of the better things ive done in my life and i will continue to do it as long as there is a breath left in me. Now Im in my late 60's and this hobby gives me a reason to stay fit,and positive about life. Thanks ladies  your the best

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I LOVE meeting new people, I had been a bartender for 8 years, then became a dancer.  Was a single mom in school, met amazing people.  When the recession started, I switched over to massage/escort.  Money is great, I can still meet awesome people (except for a few stalkers).  But overall, I have learned that I actually enjoy foreplay, and sex!  

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Aliases welcome.

I'll try.
Hilary, Wendy, Sensual Brooklyn, Cate,(who I haven't met yet), Jillian, Elizabeth, Bianca J, Sheila Fox, Jeanna, Kaylee, Whitney, Portia, Sweet April, Sam, S.G. (another one I've yet to meet), Anastasia, and of course, Francesca(on the list to see also)..... You get the idea...... Too many to name!!! All GREAT!! And all a different experience!! Variety, as they say is the spice of life!! Thank You ladies for making all of us happy and coming back for more!!


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Started because I was in a sexless marriage.  If my wife had remained the sexually spectacular woman I dated, I would never have given it a try.  I'd also never have known the joys of Alantra, Melissa, Kelly & Madison, Wendy, and many, many others.

Ive been a provider 16 years no bs
Not because I can't do anything else as I have 3 jobs total that somewhat relate to the hobby  and a VERY FULL plate,  this my fun time too. I appreciate each of you and im super happy you're in my life fellow providers included.

Xoxo V.

...would be almost criminal. You women deserve to spend sexy time with me!!  ;)

One strong motivator for me was from reading men's magazines like Maxim which would report statistics like the average number of sex partners one has had in their lifetime. Many years ago, I was far below average and I vowed to right that wrong and I've succeeded. I'm not going to stop now. I do it because I can!

I like fucking whores...but then again, who doesnt?

Nago8, I like fucking whores...but then again, who doesnt? These Lady's aren't whores thank you!
watervseeks it's own level!!! You sonnd like an arrogant person and should be avoided at all costs!!!!!!!

I married the first woman I had sex with. After a couple of years, I could see what a mistake I made. I thought about the hobby for a long time before doing it. I'm glad I did.

It's sex with adventure, which is what disappeared from my marriage, not that it was ever really there. It's variety. And the no-strings nature of it is so refreshing.

I'm very lucky I found TER early on, though. It helped me find the best the hobby has to offer in this town, specifically Jillian, but others as well.

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