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Pic like that always tells me she's fake. I don't bother doing any web searches when I see a pic like that. If you find yourself having doubts, then don't do it. Go with your gut. She's most likely a bait and switch or a rip off. Stay way from BP dude, pony up the cash and go with reputable providers, you will have less stress over it and have much more fun. Established providers are established for a reason, they enjoy their work and are good at it. If you try to go the cheap route in this hobby, your going to have a lot of headaches, not to mention strange rashes and burning sensations.

A simple google search on the number brought up this story:

Robbed with knife? Yikes.

I think Sarah's story link would wake you up enough! and as stated before STAY AWAY FROM UNREVIEWED BP ads.. Think with the correct head first!

Her and a male accomplice visit Orlando every few months and seem to always find a sucker. Check  the Orlando review section here on TER.

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