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I know this question appears from time to time, but please indulge me this once. Occasionally, my lady friends have difficulty getting over the edge, no matter how vigorous the manual ministrations (mine and her own)! I would appreciate the names of some serious playthings for clitoral stimulation, or combos. Homemade items only if illustration is provided! Thank you in advance, maybe I'll bring along your favorite when we meet?

One of my best friends gave me the Celebrator.......Its he best ever for clitorial stimulation. I never go anywhere or get out of bed with out it.  It has been a great addition to the Candyshop!!!

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I have one for my car, for my house and for my apartment!

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Thank you all soooo much, I can see that as a thoughtful and considerate hobbyist I should carry all three in a bag of goodies! You never know what might cum up, pun intended!

However in times of solitude kitty will purr with the hitachi wand.  And pocket rocket.

I usually get the same response... Oh WOW!

Thank God it using electricity as it's source...I would have to buy stock in Energizer batteries! ;-)

Great topic!

Sweet Kisses,

All you need is my magical 9 inch wand....it gets the job done over and over and it comes with sweet candy....... :)

I just bought it to replace my favorite battery powered bullet. It has wicked spinning vibration movement with an adjustable handheld speed control. It's great for slipping inside but it's also great for clitoral stimulation and assistance in achieving female orgasm. I've also found that the smallest of vibrators with just a little scoop on the end for g-spot or clitoral stimulation also works well for female ejaculation.

On a side note, I went to Todd's Couple Superstore in Tampa where they will give you actual consultations and hand demos. By the way, Todd's sells everything from Porn DVDs to sexy stripper outfits, to toys, lube, leather straps on and on and on. It's massive and you might stay for a couple of hours if you get caught up in any one section for too long. I was there for 2 hours picking out porn dvds once. ; )


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when I am being finger fucked with 1 - 3  fingers
while I hold a high voltage pocket rocket on my clit at full power.

Works every time. Aaaaahhhhhh... that was grrrrrrrreat!

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I'm pretty orgasmic, so if you know what your doing I know how to orgasm.
But a nice bullet works well when I need to take things into my own hands..lol

Gabby xoxo

all I need is a sensitive, sensual lover to bring me to the mountaintop again and again and AGAIN...oh yessssss!  but I'm with Cinnie...a toy or two can be a solo girl's best friend!  I've got this really great glass dildo...hard, smooth, really slick when slathered with lube - well, you get the picture!

I really appreciate the response. To be a responsible hobbyist I think I will invest in a couple of them and take them along. This can open up a whole new level of fantasy and play!

Last Christmas a sweet friend of mine bought me the Couture Wand. I explained I really wanted a hitachi wand that was plug in and was thrilled when I got a smaller one. Not only is it my favorite color it is great for traveling.

I use to have a silver bullet and I wore the thing out...no fret...I got another one. I truly love this one when I am all alone and with my friends. Many times the guys are intrigued by what kind of toys do we have as many have not experienced toys of any nature to enhance the sexual experience.  I also have anal beads that are a vibrator and love to use them on me as well as my gents.  The vibration on certain parts WILL send them over the edge with an intense orgasm.

While I agree as well that I am also multi orgasmic when things are more than just right and prefer the real thing, having some extra fun with toys is a wonderful addition!!

I love it when my friends come see me and want to see my toy collection...now I have other things that I want and can't wait to add them to my collection..

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