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heading to key west next week for some relaxation. anyone have any provider recommendations?

Try Elise 4pleasure

She's on P411

Check Keyla's calendar as she has been a Road Queen lately

Kara, I'll be in touch. Thanks!

Posted By: KaraKeys

Stay thirsty my friends!

(Conch: Term for a person born/raised in Key West, such as myself.)

While I don't live in KW now, I grew up there and worked in the strip clubs and as an escort for years.

I am not familiar with the two providers mentioned above, however I will tell you this: Definitely stay with a well-reviewed lady such as one of those mentioned, or someone else with a good reputation on TER etc.

AVOID The "Scrub Club"!!! That place is a scam. The girls line up in the front room like a brothel. You pick one and pay $100 or more to get in the room with her. But she does not get any of that $100 (TRUTH!) so once in the room she will hound you for HUNDREDS more just for the simplest of performances. If you don't give her the money she wants you will get NOTHING and then you'll be out at least the $100 you paid to get in. There are peepholes in the doors and the managers can and will watch you being entertained. AND as if all that's not enough, LE sometimes comes through and nabs anyone doing anything illegal. In fact, they may have changed the name of the place in recent years due to legal troubles- I can't recall for sure. It is at the far end of Duval street (not far from the Southernmost Point buoy).

And there was/may still be a similar establishment somewhere on a side street just off Duval, more towards the middle of the Duval street strip. I can't remember the name of the place, but it's the same basic set up.

My advice is to avoid these scams/traps and find a reputable independent provider. Good luck, and have a GREAT time!


Carmen Sinclair

All very true.  The Scrub Clubs new name is Adult Entertainment Club 1221 Duval.  The other place is Living Dolls on Fleming just off Duval.  Result is the same STAY AWAY!

I am a local (transplant) and have lived here 7 years and have been involved in the hobby and a TER member since 2008 and I'm also on P411.  

Unfortunately, there are no reviewed providers in town.  We have KeylaKeys (I have visited with Keyla) and KaraKeys (I have not visited with Kara but contact me next time you visit the island) that will travel to Key West and occasionally we have other travelers come through.  But, FT live on the island providers are hard to come by.  P411 lists 2 and I can verify Elise4pleasure (she is not on TER but Keyla was kind enough get get us in touch).  The other provider did not respond to my inquiry.

If anyone has any other recommendations please let me know.

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