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Looking for a mature hottie in Tampa

I am coming to tampa a have a short list.  Guys help me out Pm is ok.
Chris clark
Kara Keys
The Mermaid
It shows you did a little work and lets them know what your interested in.  I know I woild be more likely too help.  Good luck with your visit.

however, just stating a mature hottie can give you a huge variety. Both words mean alot of different things to alot of different people. More clarification is needed.

There are some gorgeous ladies in Tampa that I know personally, however many other ladies will travel as well.  Myself as an example..

I am mature (lovely age of 50 & proud of it) and very willing to travel. I invite you to check out my website and if I strike your fancy let me know.  If not, search the ad boards, top 1oo providers in Tampa and Orlando will help you. Also, like previously mentioned putting in the criteria that really interests you in the search engine will, I am sure, make you hit gold.

Good luck on your search and enjoy your trip to Tampa...

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