A few years back.... Buy gold! (eom)
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Beside the fact that we meet some of the most interesting men in the world, I must admit that I have gained many essential insights from clients ranging from politics, investing etc, the latest one and most important, "do not buy Facebook stock", what about the other ladies on the forum? Do you consider your occupation a vehicle to gain knowledge on areas you didn't know anything about before?

Like to think I am a sponge! I love to absorb new knowledge whether it is where to travel or not to buy Facebook stock. I learn something new from everyone. Whether it is a CEO or a salesman both very respected fields. Everyone's story and journey how they got there are the most intriguing to me!!!

Knowledge is POWER!!!


Alyssa, I'm not a client of yours (yet!), but as far as where to travel, one place not to miss is the north shore of the island of Kauai, specifically Hanalei Bay.  The summer sunsets are unforgettable.  Skip the rest of Hawaii, and just go there.  Aloha!

Fly fishing, relationships, gourmet cooking,  travel (lots and lots of travel mostly abroad), plants/gardening, local activities and events, health, enviromentalism, politics and economics etc. I also really love listening about life experiences and how they have achieved and gotten to where they are now in life. I look at life as an adventure and love to share those adventures. In previous careers I have had to take personality/strength tests and I am deifinetly a Learner. Soak it up and LEARN! No matter how old we are we will never know everything and there is so much to learn in life and about life. Best way is by sharing it as far as I'm concerned. And yes I think ALL occupations are a vehicle to gaining knowledge in some way or another!  Just my thoughts :) HUgs JoJo
BTW Nice subject...

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