yes, yes, but I am getting old also so its better tan nothing.eom
martythewall 36 Reviews 448 reads


or have the daily provider pics become mundane?

Because they are not mundane?

Keep em cumming ladies.

Thank you
2012 = 28

seadoo69852 reads

Theme days actually getting kinda dull.  Pretty much same ladies, and same pics as previously posted.

Big-Bad-John1000 reads

We are over-saturated with themes days and see the same old pics over and over by the same providers. When themes amount to nothing more the ads, they get boring.
IMO, limiting them to a few days a week would at least cut down on the boredom.

we agree its what it is.  but What do you get better? add something or shut the fuck up.

So that's better how?  If you don't like, don't look!  But don't try to impose your 'mundane' on the rest of us!  If you don't like it, go find something else to do!

but you do give me way too much credit in thinking I can impose my thoughts on anyone.

It's like bitching about shows on tv....uh...change the channel?

I love the pics. Keep posting ladies.

scrubbing.bubbles895 reads

With the same old providers posting the same old photos.  Even though some claim to be fresh taken candids, we have seen the same old pics in ads and every week on this forum.   Ladies please, there is a auto timer on most cameras these days.  Fresh pics are always nice even if they are candid.  But please stop boring us with the repeats of weeks and months ago (yawn).  
Just adding my .02  
And yes, I have stopped opening certain ladies pics because of this.  

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