Re: Question why do providers charge more for outcall when they do not have a room charge?
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The incremental cost accounts for travel time, gas, car wear and tear.

In addition to opportunity costs (travel while foregoing incall dates), sometimes they have to pay a driver.

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The incremental cost accounts for travel time, gas, car wear and tear.

If you drive an hour or more I can understand as I do ask for a travel fee myself for over an hour. I do however feel that parking fees should be the gents responsibility.

Speaking about extra charges, charging more for anal is just ridiculous in my opinion...GIVE ME A BREAK!!!  

Happy Hump Day...;-)


Some ladies do not feel comfortable (or for legal issues can not) drive themselves and have to hire a driver.....Also you have to factor in time and distance....Even though you may book 1hr appointment...It can take up to 3 hours there and back and if we were to be at home could have booked more appointments...Like i said these are just MY reasons..Hope this helps xoxoxoxo Tina

Tina , right just seems to be common sense !

operate a vehicle and possibly the cost of a driver.

But, I don't understand the time issue. If a lady is low volume, then just how many appointments can she be missing if she drives an hour each way to an outcall session?

I charge a $50 outcall fee. Most times I travel into Orlando from the coast, that's 1 hour + one way.The cost of gas for my pretty wheels is over $4 a gallon. Plus valet my pretty wheels, that's $25 plus. Ad a tip for the valet boy. And that almost covers the cost of travel to an outcall.  Of course most times if you ask for a multi hour appointment I don't require a travel fee, which in most cases happen.
I think it's pretty fair.  But just like anything else in this world. If you don't want to pay the price, don't buy it.


does not charge any extra for outcall....

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