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Re: Ladies in RI
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I agree. Adelle is one of the best around.

Hobbyist on business in early June in RI.  Looking to have some fun while in town. Either looking for some recommendations from the guys or responses from some of the ladies in the area.  I have 20+ referrals on D/C and P411.  I love women so I like all types.   Might even be interested in overnight if the price was right.

I would recommend Adelle Anderson, ter 122026.  Says she is in Boston on EROS, but is mostly in RI.  Check her website.

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I agree. Adelle is one of the best around.

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If you want to risk being with a newbie, I'm available until 5/25.

Strange... you go to the page and there doesn't appear to be a way to contact her. Maybe I am missing something.

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The Alex that connrogue2 refers to is in Conn. West Chester. There is however an Alex in RI south of Providence down RT95. WestChester Alex is TER ID 185510. Alex in RI is TER ID 182992. The only thing the two have in common is squirting. Alex is RI has many excellant reviews. She would be probably your best sexual experience ever. Everything is on the table and everything is offered. YMMV.You can read the reviews yourself. Alex told me that her first review and one other was fake. I don't see how it could be, so I think she lied to me. The only cautions are don't go with a threesome(pm me if you need details, no alias) and once your session is over, remember why you paid for GFE. The sucking sound you hear isn't another BJ, it's the whirling vortex of drama heading your way. In my opinion, Adelle would be your best selection in the area. Great person, great experience.

Actually,  the Alex I was referring to was the one in Rhode Island.  ( And they have more in common than just squirting.  ;)

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So is a session with Alex RI worth it or not? You say, "She would be probably your best sexual experience ever" but then "The sucking sound you hear isn't another BJ, it's the whirling vortex of drama heading your way" And how about Alex Westchester? Did you see her and if you did what is your take on her?

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I was just trying to answer vasexyengineer's original question After all, we engineers have to help each other out, because I are one. You can read her reviews yourself. All the real ones tend to describe her typical session and I only posted the warnings so someone wouldn't get lead astray like I did. My answer was that Adelle would be his best choice. There isn't any reason you shouldn't go for Alex if that's your choice. Conrogue2 apparently has seen both Alex's, so he could give you the info on the Alex from CT. If you want more info on Alex from RI, PM the reviewers.

I am based out of NYC but am happy to travel with multiple hour dates and some notice!
Feel free to  look me over, see my reviews....and shoot me a message if I strike a chord :)

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