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Not very good

Thank you
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Can anyone confirm this

is it really!/camwithcarmen


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A tineye and google search picked up nothing fishy.  So why don't you TOFTT??

r u serious ? that's the method that I used to find the twitter. Remind me to NEVER trust your reviews.

Try writing a coherent post and maybe I'll have more to say.  WTF does anything I wrote have to do with my reviews.
PS:  "never" trust my reviews? *sob* you really know how to hurt a guy...LMAO.

You ask a question, inicky gives you a honest, serious answer and you are busting his chops and do not trust his reviews.

His reviews are more reliable than a lexus ....Hmmm that is not saying much is it.....better stated his reviews are very reliable.

You're Welcome
2012 = 28

were you there in the room while he got the services. never 100 percent stand up for a random guy. Capeche ?

Well little boy the same could be asked of you. Were you in the room to make the statement “remind me never to trust your reviews” ?

And little boy who  are you to tell me “never 100 percent stand up for a random guy”.
I’ll 100 percent stand up for who I want, when I want, and how I want.

What makes you think I am standing up for a RANDOM guy?
I know for a fact he is an upstanding, honest person, and unlike a lexus reliable.

You’re Welcome
2012 = 28

BTW this is not an honest opinion. I did the same search and so as another who responded. There were plenty fishy. Telling me to take one for the team. Sounds more like either a shill or sarcastic response.

How the fuck do you "know" it wasn't "an honest opinion?"  Obvious answer: you don't and you just popped off. And, yes, I did a quick search and nothing turned up.  So what?  As for the TOFFT, it was, indeed, partly sarcastic.  Again, so what?  Man you do get your panties in a bunch easily.  Perhaps you should take a hiatus.  Or some meds.

Not very good

Thank you
2012 = 28

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BP and Twitter. Not to mention the DC TS girl.

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