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Spring Pleasures
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I awoke early this morning to the sun streaming through my window and for the first time this year felt a real sense of spring. I stayed in bed for over half an hour just watching the world outside, people waking up, heading off to work, birds and squirrels looking for a meal and the sun shining down on them which everyone seemed to enjoy.

I started thinking about what the season will bring; the walks down small side streets filled with lilac and magnolia trees, getting my little cotton dresses out from storage and putting away my nylons and boots, wandering down to the farmers market to pick up fresh produce and tasting food that was picked just a day before and has now found its way to my table, breakfast out on the deck with tea and a newspaper. Yes, I still have a fondness for sitting and reading a paper, I wonder sometimes if I’ll ever make the switch to digital it just doesn’t feel the same to enjoy tea on the deck without at least one struggle to fold my paper just right.

Then of course there are the biological aspects to it and I’m sure it’s biological, I can think of no other reason and I’m sure it’s not just me. Just as winter makes me feel like snuggling in front of a fire, long leisurely nights in comfortable, cozy blankets, arms and legs wrapped around me, spring brings something new, something mischievous. Spring is when I start to notice his flirtatious smile or her short skirt, spring is when I wake up early and think how fantastic it would be to have someone in the bed next to me, someone with my maple syrup and pancakes, someone with my bubble bath. Spring is when I start to think that my walk through those side streets would be all the more enjoyable with someone beside me, keeping me on my toes and keeping it interesting. Spring is when I put on my cotton dress in hopes that someone else will be removing it.

I am back in Toronto and available to host at a downtown hotel or I can visit you at your hotel throughout the GTA. Please note that while I would love to entertain same day requests my schedule and outside commitments do not allow for it and I do require 24hrs notice.

I look forward to sharing some time with you.

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