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Re: Has the Palms lost its edge since the ownership change?
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Palms and Hard Rock are no longer hip...Cosmo and Aria are the new favorite spots

Palms and Hard Rock are no longer hip...Cosmo and Aria are the new favorite spots

They're going to be at the Wynn this year. The Palms is not THE place to be any more.

No Las Vegas property can be the "hip and happenin'" place forever.  You're fortunate if you get a good two year run.

The Palms was doomed when they built the new tower that was intended to be condos that would sell for between $400K and $1.5M.  The crash of the real estate market turned it in to $75 a night (mid-week) hotel rooms.  George Maloof's DUI arrest/conviction was the last nail in the coffin.

I wonder if those extra special suites (such as the one with the basketball court or the bowling alley) will be going for reasonable nightly rates now?  Would be a great place to hold a meet and greet party.

They turned a nice joint into a place run by Beancounters, counting Pennies instead of Hundreds and mistreated plenty of people, locals and visitors alike.  Idiots, absolute Idiots run that place now.

The Palms is certainly not as cool as it used to be. Then again, when it was the "place" they treated me like dung and I never really thought it was all that cool.

However, My last time at The Palms.... I had a blast for three days... All of a sudden, I'm appreciated.

Hard Rock is no longer "the place" but I also just recently had a blast there and I've made reservations to stay there again.

Stayed at Aria right before then and loved the Eye Candy there and Cosmo but I have to admit... Overall.. had a better time at Hard Rock. (Hard Rock treated me like a king when it first opened up, then treated me like shit.... and then they reached out to me.)

Tough to comment when I don't know who you are.

I'm a mid-range gambler.... Cosmo and Aria pretty much does not give a shit about me (even though I have Casino Hosts at both places) .... And I play a ton of Poker (among other games) at the Aria and Bellagio and they pretty much don't care because I'm a mid-range player.

The Palms and Hard Rock? Hard Rock is bombarding me. I'd Stay at Hard Rock over the Palms any day of the week right now unless you are Poker Player because the Poker at Hard Rock sucks.

It's tough to say to tell you what to do without knowing your gambling habits. I used to be a Casino Host back in the day and it really depends on what you are willing to spend in order to be taken of.

Being cool is one thing.... being taken care of is another thing. Personally... Hard Rock is doing a better job nowadays then Palms Place if you want to stay in a place where the party does not end.

You can PM me if you want advice....


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