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Yeah, that sounded like a cop asking it.
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Even if it wasn't, pretty dumb.

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I will be in in June and will visit strip clubs as usual.
What strip club has dancers that will do extra? please name the club as well as the extra that you have received. I want to make my stay as enjoyable as possible.

Seems like this question keeps getting asked over and over for the past month or two. I've ignored them but it's been getting asked so much.... somebody has to respond to the reality of Las Vegas Strip Clubs. I've got a couple of good friends that manage the places worth going to and I dated a stripper so let me enlighten some of you newbie tourists about the reality of the Vegas Strip Clubs with some key points and hopefully you have enough common sense to fill in the blanks. (No offense... I get it... you watch a lot of movies about Vegas and think it's a free for all and all of the hotties are for sale.)

1) Strip clubs in Las Vegas worth going to are a Multi-Million dollar business. LE is constantly sending in undercovers looking for the ladies offering the "extras". Do a Google search of ladies getting busted in the Vegas Strip clubs just for suggesting "extras" even if they are just doing it to get suckers to spend more money. The Quality Strip Clubs in Vegas where the owners are making Millions DO NOT tolerate ladies offering "Extras". In fact... they are looking out for it because they don't want to lose their license.

My ex averaged about $2K a night just shaking her hot ass booty around... she had absolutely no reason to offer "extras" and taking the risk of being blackballed from the quality strip joints. If they get busted by management.... they don't get to work anywhere worth working at in Las Vegas.

2) Do you really think even if somebody does know a quality lady or two who does offer "extras" is going to post it openly on the internet for everybody to read? I think that's what floors me the most about these silly questions.

"Go see so and so at so and so strip club and she'll hook you up!"


No offense to everybody asking these questions about dancers that will do "extra" because I'm sure you do not know better and do not understand what it takes to get a license to own a strip club in Vegas to begin with and the money that is involved.

Regardless... if you want "extras"... do yourself a favor and just hook up with some of the several beautiful providers that you will find on TER. Hell.... take them to the Strip Clubs because trust me.... It makes a lot of the strippers hot, hot, hot....

That does not mean you are going to get "extras" but I can pretty much guarantee you that you'll have a great time.

I don't mean to be rude towards you... but think about it and the money involved with owning a Las Vegas Strip club. Think about it if you owned one and the measures you would take to protect your cash cow.


Take a hot provider with you.. Always get more dancers attention.. Maybe not what you want from the dancer but a definate turn on for when you take your provider back to the room. wink..

Thanks Lvchi4u!!

also, many providers have been dancers and have friends that remain dancers and in the vip rooms you get a more seductive dance.(no,not what the OP wants) but a bit less mechanical and much friendlier reponse.

Lorena De Leon

I also ignored that original post and it seemed like a ridiculous question to ask.  If anything, it is the exact question Leo would ask mining for information.  Lvchi, you have more patience than I do I guess.

But, just because something seems obvious to me because of my experiences, maybe for some people just discovering things, it is not so obvious.

The bottom line, do not ever go to a Las Vegas strip club expecting extras.

da dancer in da men's room does extra's
given youse a towel to wursh yer hands or odder parts
a free mint for youse mouth to make ya eatin' chompers smell nicer than horse breath
and some free french terlot watter to heave on yer day long whiskers to make them
smell almust as good as  a dog after done gone fetching ducks in da pond

only dem dere draw back is ya should put a dollar in da fish bowl on da stone sink in da crapper room

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I will be in in June and will visit strip clubs as usual.
What strip club has dancers that will do extra? please name the club as well as the extra that you have received. I want to make my stay as enjoyable as possible.

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