Las Vegas

I am looking at Sunday night.
Todd Kavonic 11 Reviews 536 reads

I have a very nice suite booked on the strip.


I like mostly like mature women, but I can look beyond that.
Very few, if any, tats.
Tall, 5,10+, this is kind of important for both of us.
I like someone up for anal but I don't always go there.
Good, party mood, attitude.
If you love music, that is a plus!
Refined and intelligent works very well for me.

I'll have a trip to Bullhead City to check on some stuff that day, but I will be ready to go by the evening.

Thanks for all the PM's sexy girls! If I would have know that I would have gotten that many repsonses, I would have tried posting an "ad" a long time ago. This has to be the only forum in the world where having lurkers is a good thing. I would date any one of you that PM'd me.

This is going to be a great weekend. I got in a car crash on Tuesday and I literally had 3 chances to die in a 4 second period. I didn't even get hurt. My truck is dead though.

I am going to Incubus tomorrow night, having a cabana day and I am going to forget about this week. Good times are ahead!

Sounds like you have a guardian angel with you and you might meet up with some angels this weekend.

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