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OTOH there are a few very special 20 somethings ;-)
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so it isn't a rule or anything.... ;-)

What do you look for when choosing a provider to see?

Is it her age?  Her physical appearance?  Personality?  Willingness to do certain things with you?

How many of you see providers young enough to be your daughter?    Do you enjoy her company or is that for lack of mature providers in your area?

I adore you older men btw.

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Performance and looks also interest me.

Age is not much of a factor as long as she keeps her appearance up.

I see some young providers as well as mature and in-between.

Age if she is over 30 is usually not a problem. Appearance has a lot to do with it but equally is personality. At my age I spend a bunch of time just talking and personality is what keeps me coming back. most of the ladies I have seen are younger then my daughter, and yes I enjoy their company. I would see older ladies but there are not many in my area.

In my view it is the personality of the gal-age is irrelevant-I do tend to look for gal's that are mid thirty and up-they don't normally have the issues really young girls have like a boyfriend waiting in the car or kids that need pretty constant attention and that sort of thing.  And a lot of the mid thirty and up gal's have jobs or outside interests and perhaps a husband somewhere that isn't waitng in the car!  And they generally "Get It" when it comes to all aspects of the hobby-and as long as their personality and attitude are positive I am on board and will repeat !  I also do a lot of research on TER of any gal I choose to contact-I will typically read every review and then cross check reviewers with other gal's they have reviewed and pretty quickly you can establish a useful pattern that you can use to gauge your level of interest !  I also don't "Over Expect" !  What ultimately happens - happens and if it goes great-that's terrific-if it goes poorly-that is the way it is and it isn't my first rodeo!  But...if you do your homework-and present yourself as positive with a good attitude-it pays dividends ! And where else can you get a return on your investment with just an attitude !??

I don't look for a particular age, I have seen them from 18 to 47.  I do have to be physically attracted to them, or I'm not interested.  Hot ladies come in all age brackets.  My faves are all between 30 or so,  and early 40's.  Since I don't have much chance to really interact with her before meeting her, personality is not such a major thing.

I do have some deal-breakers which will preclude me from making a date.  Since I cannot do outcall, she must provider incall.  I don't want to have to get a room in my local area just to see someone.  There are plenty of others that have their own incall, so I can avoid that extra expense.  BBBJ and DFK must be on her menu, these are very important to me.  CIM isn't necessary however, but always appreciated.  

I have seen providers younger than my kids, which would make them young enough to be my daughter. No problem, in my book.  I have enjoyed the company of the vast majority of my providers.  Only a very, very small number have left me wishing I had seen someone else due to personality.

Hope this helps, Naomi.


I'm have those same deal breakers, DFK and for sure BBBJ is a must. I see all ages, body type and performance are more important than personality to me as I'm not looking for a relationship. My ATF is 40+ and I'd see her ahead of anybody, but I saw an outstanding 19 YO last fall that really rocked my world. Young enough to be a grandchild, age difference didn't bother either of us or so she said LOL. Seems like most of the reliable ladies are 35 + in their profile which effectively makes them 40s. RT120

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I like younger women, including a lady I saw last year that was 27 (3 years younger than my son).  Obviously, appearance is important to me, but she needs to have a brain too.  I simply can't stand young and stupid, whereas young and smart is an irresistible combination to me.

I love being with women that have an engaging personality, a sense of humor, the ability to have a conversation, enthusiasm etc.  

You say you adore older men, and that's also very important.  I want to be with women that want to be with me, no matter what their age is.  Frankly, it would make me feel really bad if I thought someone found me disgusting and wanted to be somewhere else rather than with me.  Fortunately, I've never had that happen, but if it did and I sensed it, I certainly wouldn't go back.

There are as many different motivations for seeing an escort as there are guys seeing them.  For me, it's a chance to have an hour or two to relive some of the best memories of my life.  A time when the women I dated were young, beautiful and willing, and sex was always incredible.  I can't turn back the clock, but when I'm with  a lovely young lady and see her beautiful face and feel her soft skin, for that hour, I remember those great times I thought would never end, but always do.

1. GFE
2 pesonality
3. Looks: prefer slim/average with B/C Cup, and a nice butt

I am 70 and still horny.  I have some major health problems and some unique disabilities; therefore, I look for:

1.  Ladies 38 yo and older
2.  Who have maintained their good looks
3.  Whose weight is proportional to their height
4.   All natural
5.  Are listed on TER and have some favorable reviews (because I don't have the time, energy and funds to waste with an inferior provider)
6.  Her own website with some pictures and enough narrative so that I can get a feel for her personality

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Personality is tops. That includes enjoying (or appearing to) my company, since I'm not a serial hobby guy.

Activities. This is equal to personality. There is no reason to book unless I am able to enjoy some specific things that interest me.

Attraction. There is a wide latitude on this with me, but if I'm not attracted, I won't enjoy myself.

Age is not so much an issue. I've booked younger than my daughter, I've booked mature--a few years younger than myself.

What makes me repeat is if we BOTH have a good time.


so I guess I'm in this group.  For me, an ounce of enthusiasm, sense of humor, and open mindedness are worth a pound of good looks.  I have never been with a lady younger than my daughter (30) but would if the vibe was right.  I just feel more comfortable with someone who isn't a "kid."  I want to be with a lady who has taken care of herself, physically -- as I try to do -- but it's also important that she can hold a conversation and take some sexual initiative from time to time.  Make me feel like you're having as much fun as I am and we're good to go!


Personality and attitude are the two biggest things for me.  All the other aspects are nice, but these two are the critical ones.

Generally I prefer ladies who are 35+ because we seem to have more in common and can enjoy an evening on more levels--but there are a few younger ladies who are mature beyond the norm and I enjoy their company as well.  I do not feel a need to "settle for" a lady just because there is not someone else around.  I will only see someone if they catch my interest.

good business ethics, discretion, and a congenial personality. what keeps me returning is enough overlap in interests and her ability to be a subtle and sensual and teasing companion. i like upscale dinner dates and so it is important that she be a gracious guest.

age is not so important either. early 20s would probably be a bit off putting. otherwise it's just a number.

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For me, there has to be some connection on some level. My partner should enjoy spending some time with me. I don't like when it is faked, or what I think is faked, or maybe just a poor actress. Usually I can tell. It seems like the older the woman I see, the more likely it is that we click. It is not that I can't click with a younger girl, it is just less common.

I really enjoy bringing my partner to an orgasm. Part of the experience for me is the ego boost of pleasing a young (for me, I'm late 50's) lady.

I enjoy a number of different physical types, so that is not an issue. I don't seem to be enhanced breasts man. I've been with a few and the haven't been the best experience. I've sampled an admittedly small number but I try to stick to the natural stuff.

Finally, BBBJ and DFK are key. To me it is critical to the GFE experience.

The biggest factor are from the reviews and websites. Looking for someone who loves what she does, enjoys receiving pleasure as much as giving. Somewhat older is more comfortable for me. As I aged i sadly became one and done and no longer have that instant unwavering vigor. I've come to love other sensual immersions, particularly oral pleasures and DATY is favoritecstsigai clearness

Pretty much every lady I see is young enough to be my daughter.

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