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I'm thinking about staying at the Cosmopolitan for an upcoming trip.  And I've been reading the boards but not 100% positive on security there.

From what I understand, no security at elevators, but you do need a key card to make the elevators work?

I usually stay at MB or TheHotel, but would like to try Cosmo if this is the case.

The hotel is wonderful you will really enjoy the view.

You do need a key card to use the elevators but a minor inconvenience if you aren't traveling with a group you are trying to avoid seeing. The Cosmo is a new Fav

Thank you everyone for your help!  (especially the smoking hot women----wow)

You can always come down to meet the lady in the bar or hotel and go up together since you do need a key for the elevators.Awesome hotel rooms,club,and restaurants you will definitely have a good time there.
Good luck to you!

meet the lady downstairs which I always do anyways.  Then go up together.  

U dont have to meet the lady on the casino floor, u could also meet on the 2nd or 3rd floor somewhere where there are not as many people.

You should try cosmo cause im glad I did

Yes I have stayed there many times.
2 towers, West (larger one) and East (smaller one, located on the Strip - best one for restaurant access)

There area couple of Bars close to both towers, so it is easy to meet and the casino area is usually not too busy.

Also, it is a great hotel, amazing rooms - all have sitting areas, nice tubs, separate showers, microwave.

If you wnat more info about the hotel, please message me

Thanks everyone for your help, I'm going to give the Cosmopolitan a shot.

I plan to eat dinner here real soon & yes you need a key to enter the elevators.

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