Las Vegas

Happy 420 Day to all my mellow friends with the munchies.teeth_smile
MissLogan See my TER Reviews 742 reads

Hoping for true legalization soon.  ;-)

"legalize it, don't criticize it"'s time prohibition of this medicinal plant is abolished!

A friend of mine grows legally for the state of I am enjoying the fruits of her labor...

Tori Blake

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I wish your girls could find a subtle way of putting 4/20 friendly on your web sites.

I wish we could too...I'm hoping to do a shoot in my friend's garden in the near future and may share a pic or two...I'd love to be featured in High Times someday!  hahah

You don't have to go all the way to MI for a garden! (I'm only 3 hrs south of Vegas, just off the 15)

Banning pot truly is one of THE dumbest laws in the country.

If booze and cigs are legal, there is ZERO reason for pot to be.

Not to mention the costs of the jails, cops and everything else to fight that stupid "war."

And don't get me started on how awesome hemp is..........

Think you know everything about pot??
You will after reading this! lol

Sorry I'm late, I wanted to post yesterday but I got too stoned, started eating, play board games, listened to the Grateful Dead, watch Bill Maher (sp) and crashed on the couch.

Miss Logan, you are now on my list.

If you change your provider name to Mary Weaver or Mary Warner, the more seasoned ones will get the message.

Of course, LE might also, so maybe not a good idea. You have to be careful with those crazy canamo laws in NV.

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