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Re: Is there a list of ladies planning to attend?
GabrielleH See my TER Reviews 3582 reads

I am so looking forward to the M&G...

The Ct M & G is just 2 weeks away. If anyone would like to attend who hasn't gotten in touch,  but would like to attend, now would be the time to contact me to request an evite. Email me with your info if you want to be put on the guest list.

Stay safe and have fun!


Aristotle12343720 reads

A list of ladies would help so that those interested can set meetings in advance. Thanks for considering this addition.

I would be from out of town and would come if cleared. I am also searching for alist of ladies that may attend ?

can be seen on the guest list through the evite. Please get in touch with me for an evite and once you have seen who has responded so far, you can then decide if you'd like to attend or not and rsvp. Some of the ladies have requested that their names not be posted on the boards and don't want their names on here for everyone to see. Thanks for understanding and looking foward to hearing from those who have an interest in attending!
Stay safe and have fun!

FYI - There are also several ladies who want to come UTR so are not listed on the guest list.


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Looking forward to seeing you tonight. Would be fun to enjoy your company also.

I might attend my only reason not to would be lack of bookie ;)
Because Bobbi is the rockin  hostess I want to make this trip.


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