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on this subject. I totally agree with the approach of what is good for one, is good for the other. I mean, fair is fair. Personally, I could care less if a lady has pubic hair or not. If she is nice, fun and quite talented it doesn't matter to me if she is shaved or not. Eating short hairs is sometimes just a small part of the interaction. If you are going to kiss afterwards what is a little hair anyways, especially if you take into consideration all the other remaining residue should the tryst have come to a conclusion through oral means for both parties.

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Ladies do you like a guy who shaves his balls or do you all prefer lots of crotch hair.  I was with a lady last week who told me she loved a clean shaven guy.  Her point was we all like the ladies to have a clean shaven kitty why not the guys.I am tempted to try it but wanted a few providers to this fun hobby to comment.And yes, I do love a clean shave kitty.

SHAVE !!!! (that is unless you are willing to pull linguini out from her throat.)  As gorgeous as thse Samsonian locks may be...sadly they may need to be sacrificed to save your lover/s. For a woman or man, in this case assumedly a woman, it is a gruesome thing to die from swallowing ... hair.  Try swallowing an alfalfa sprout.  there is no joy in that, and as far as I can ascertain not much pleasure for the alfafa sprout either.xoxoff/fx2/fifi.--modified by feliciafoxx at Mon, May 14, 2001, 18:46:27

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OK OK After the "spaghetti incident" I'm still willing to share a bitmore of my more intimate personal experiences with you folks, (though God Help Me I don't know why)To make a long story short:My 3rd wife and I chose the "Big-V" method for permanent birth control. (That's vasectomy guys!)  One of the procedures that had to be completed prior to arriving at the Doctors Office was a total shaving of the groin area, including scrotum. My wife (at the time) offered to perform the shaving for me as had she not I would have had to use mirrors and whatnot and possibly endure nicks and scrapes! (just the thought...OUCH!)Anyway, she performed this just prior to my leaving for the Doctors' office, what a turn on this was!  Lathering me up and shaving "the team"  Plus being "bare of hair down there" was also quite a unique sensation as well.  Too bad I was heading for the scalpel right after, I would have enjoyed some parlor games at that point!  Needless to say by the time I was healed and ready to perform my duties I was past the itchy stubble stage and just proceeded to let it "naturalize" once more.  But someday I hope to encounter a lady I trust with something sharp in that area again, and there wont be any "recuperative period" to deal with this time!OK there is another perfect target, Fire Away!

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A smooth groin is my pleasure or very cropped. I hate having to stop a pull hairs from my mouth.  It kills the rhythm and I find  it to be one of those awkward moments even though we know it is part of the territory.  I've cropped and shaved a few privates in my day and it can be a very sensual experience as lustman noted.

Shaving down there helps me get my BBBL (bare back ball lickin').  Amazing how most providers put a cover on Mr. Johnson but leave his two buddies to fend for themselves in the buff.

Goodguy, that is HILARIOUS!   I love someone with a sense of humoir in the boudoir!!!FF

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Not only does he get to cuddle up with you Feliciahe can lick his own balls!Musta had some great karma in a previous life!LM

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... me afterwards, when I've got left over bush and brush hairs in my mouth (sorta like wearing an internal wet moustache), well then I don't mind suckin' 'em up!  xox Faye Desiree

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on this subject. I totally agree with the approach of what is good for one, is good for the other. I mean, fair is fair. Personally, I could care less if a lady has pubic hair or not. If she is nice, fun and quite talented it doesn't matter to me if she is shaved or not. Eating short hairs is sometimes just a small part of the interaction. If you are going to kiss afterwards what is a little hair anyways, especially if you take into consideration all the other remaining residue should the tryst have come to a conclusion through oral means for both parties.

To slightly twist the subject, I'm beginning to wonder whether I'm the only one left who doesn't really care for the clean shaven kitty.  I've compared photos in Playboy from 15-20 years ago with photos from the last few years, & it almost appears to have done a complete 180 (from bushes to practically nothing).  Personally, I enjoy the sight of a nicely trimmed, but still full bush on a woman.  I also enjoy the feel of running my hands through it while "petting the kitty".  If asked, would you pet a bald cat?  Looking for a support group here.  Comments from the ladies, hobbyists & anyone else???To return to the original subject, I've never had any interest in shaving myself down there.  I hate shaving my face.  Why would I want to shave any more than I absolutely have to?  With most women having to shave their legs & armpits (a lot more overall shaving than men), I would think they would feel sort of like I do about more shaving.JMO,ICBW.

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actually.  Sort of like a well manicured lawn.... xox Faye Desiree

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If I could only share the images passing though my sick mind right now!hahahahhahaLM

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i just trimmed mine this morning.  Depending on the mood it's either a wood pecker, an elephant or a wiener dog.  Not enough variety for a petting zoo though.

Dear Hung... what a great name!  you might want to think about trying out for the "Touch Tank" at Leo Carrillo Beach, where there are seacows, sea cucumbers, etc. that visitors can pet ;->>I sure would compare the feel of shaved male mammal parts to the way those beautiful sea creatures feel...verrry soft.  And, addictively so.;->>ff

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I agree with you KC. I miss the feel of the fur. How can you muff dive when there is no muff? Shuck the bearded clam where there is no beard?Enjoy a furburger with no fur? You have my support in the campaign to Bring Back Beaver.

Just as long as Wally, Eddie & "Lumpy" aren't there!

Bring back the beaver?   The friends of the river will be up in arms...

Dear David David,While I fully recognize that hirsute balls may be less aesthetically and/or texturally pleasing for the women, I have found that fully shaving the jewels reduces sensitivity there.  I am all for trimming or shaving the pubic bush and yum yum trail--this gives you that porno look, and creates an illusion of more size, which can be fun.  However, I would recommmend only a trim for the gonads, to eliminate the long dental floss-like threads, but not to go for the full shave (or pluck).  I have found that these hairs act as little "whiskers" or "antennae" and provide much of the sensory stimulation for this area when being fondled, licked, or tickled with fingernails.  The times I have done the full nutsack shave, while I appreciated the smooth look, this was more than offset by the dissapointing lack of scrotal sensation.  Of course, YMMV.Have fun, stay safe, and leave the lights ON!!Iceman

Ice,I found just the opposite.  In fact, before I shaved, I never had a real appreciation for just how warm and wet a tounge really is.Temp

Dear Tempu007,Good point. While I hobby somewhat regularly, I unfortunately can't say that my balls are licked all that often. :(  However, I do play with myself and stroke my balls QUITE often and enjoy the extra stimulus that hair provides.  So perhaps I should amend my recommendation.  For a session where you expect to get a good licking, definitely experiment with a shave.  But for the day-to-day "working mans" sack, conducive both to provider and SO session needs as well as "self-service", my vote is still for the light fuzz as a nice compromise.  (Of course, maintenance issues make the "bald" look tough to pull off longterm anyway.)Have fun, stay safe, and leave the lights ON!!Iceman

Nix the razor!  The whole point is to feel good, for both, as Faye says...I guess I just assumd that men who shaved were more sensitive, when shaved...they probably are or wouldnt do it. But I still maintain that swallowing hair is difficult. Much more fun to swallow what the hair grows on. In other words not too long!:-)xoxoff

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Most gorgeous Ms. Foxx, at the risk of sounding like a wuss, i do shave all over. It just seems to me that smooth skin to smooth skin contact allows for the most intimacy. I quess the purpose of hair is to warn us of our surroundings. Afterwhich, we can decide to accept or not.  For me, skin to skin bypasses the thinking, allowing for uninhibited vibes.  By sitting next to a woman with our legs touching, I can feel her electricity more. Now when it comes to plugging in the socket, my favorite position is the scissor.  When my balls are sliding along a lady's thigh, it gives me added stimultation.  Now that i've thought about it, does it give you added pleasure when a pair of balls are stroking your thigh ?One other note, I believe everyone should shave their privates for pleasureable dining.  It's sort of like eating a steak, sure wouldn't taste the same if there are prickling hair on it.

Dear Cynic.You sound like a man after my own taste, lol. FEEL as much as possible!!!I do not consider a swimmer, cyclist or bodybuilder (they shave all over) wusses. Nor anyone who wishes to feel sensation.   I understand the sensation. When I first waxed my arms 6 months ago, the sensation of soft fabric rubbing on my arms gave me a shudder and a thrill.  So it is with some men. Who's to say they shouldn't feel the thrill as much as possible. I agree with the statement that hair is antennae-like.  A nice aside for reading is Diane Ackerman's Natural History of the Senses - the chapter on Touch.  All the other chapters (scent, taste, hearing)are fun, also.For me, personally, shaved balls are an absolute delicacy.  Yummy.  i have nothing more to say on the subject.  I'd rather "do"!Enuff out of me, already!.  ;->>xoxoff

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as a point of personal experience, I find that shaving all but a well trimmed "mustache" area heightens sensitivity,It certainly feels as if the adjective "deeper"works, it feels great w/boxer shorts,and, most importantly, in a very intimate moment with my "provider".. she stopped and whispered "you shaved for me". That, gentlemen and ladies makes every dangerous stroke with the razor worth the effort.

Dear Sofa, what you said sounds SO sexy.  Dont you just love that kind of appreciative whispering from a woman!  I know I do (from a man or woman)The first time I completely shaved, it was actually done by a man.  Wow, talk about getting attention,  I felt like a young'un getting her privates powdered and stroked.  Since then, I find it SO much fun to shave another, male or female.  (unfortunately I got turned down so much because of the s/o situation) that I pretty much stopped asking)Don't start me on boxer shorts.  I just slide my hand under, scritch a little with my long nails, and, up up up!  Land Ho!Cheers!ff

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erotic pleasure of having your woman (or a woman) shaving your privates prior to testing this theorem!HmmmmmmmWonder if Mathesar can calculate the up-charge for sessions which include shaving???LM

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Is there any way I could take that as an invitation??? I'll bring the razor and the boxers... you bring your nails!

But if course ... and, if you forget your boxers we can hop down the street to Fredericks of Hollywood ... :-))

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