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Re: I'd love to see Olberman go next.
ehy5rth 25896 reads

i take you watch fox news!!!!!!!!!!!!!

monday night football because of him. He wAS worse than Dennis Miller. How many people here are happy is gone, gone?

What other sportscaster would people like to see gone. My vote is for Chris Berman. His antics are old, stale and played out: He could go all the way. No originality.

Yep glad he is gone.

The best ever was John Madden and Pat Summerall, I do not think any sportscasting team will ever equal them much less beat them.

Thank you
XLIV = 4

anon111224527679 reads

I am so glad kornhole is gone.  Berman makes stale beer seem fresh.

Kornhieser is much funnier.  His radio show is hilarous.  Dennis Miller, politics aside is not funny at all.  

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ehy5rth28163 reads

I didn't like kornheiser's inferences/one liners,  but I thought he was solid.
Much better than dennis miller and his "MNF" stint. heard he was let go due to "fear of flying". anybody scared to fly out there?

If I was getting his money to fly, to places, I bet I'd learn to like it shesh.

Video-Stud27482 reads

Pompous ignoramus. He makes Chris Collinsworth seem likable.

ehy5rth25897 reads

i take you watch fox news!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Video-Stud20186 reads

Olberman doesn't belong on the Sunday night football telecast. Plenty of real sports commentators that could be used.

And the fact that he was unable to find another football job speaks volumes about his reputation in the NFL.

Then we'll be seeing his obnoxious face on every Chicago sportscast nightly  :-(

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He brought NO excitement to game and made the games boring.  If it weren't for Johnny boy, I probably would've been watching MNF on mute a long time ago.

But the best conbo was Cosell, Gifford and Merideth...As a kid my bed time song was "Turn out the Light the Party's over"  LOL

recapped the weekend games. Meredith was truly funny, too. Whereas Kornheisser and Dennis Miller always seemed contrived to me.

I can't stand 3 man booths to begin with, one play by play announcer & one analyst is fine...

Never liked Kornheiser, can't stand Chris Berman either...

johnhuntback24838 reads

imitate Howard Cosell on his football hi-lites. When he's on, I make copious use of the Mute button.

CYNIC24942 reads

Actually, I think that's a good possibility.  "Forced out" may be better terminology than "fired," but either way it's the same thing.  Just judging from the posts in this thread, it's quite clear that Kornheiser was NOT a fan favorite!

Kornheiser is nothing but a windbag who enjoys the sound of his own voice too much.  And I agree 100% about Berman - it was good stuff 20 years ago, but not now.

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