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Treat Me Like The Dirty Little Slut I Am Pt. 1
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It's noon and I feel my Blackberry buzz in my back pocket as I'm painting a piece for my dining room. Quick clean of the hand so I can see who it is; one of my ATFs. We chit chat for about five minutes and set a date for later this evening at 5pm. He wants me to dress in lingerie then bring something casual-sexy for dinner afterward. Being very excited, I jump in my Ford truck and head over to the mall in Ann Arbor for a little shopping at Victoria Secret. When I get back home after selecting a bright purple lace teddy and matching lace boy shorts, black nylons and garter, and a new fragrance, I pick out my favorite black 4" heels to set my outfit off. With a few hours to spare, I shave my Y so it's smooth, manicure my hands and feet, and relax a bit in the tub. Thinking about him licking me, sucking me, fucking me...I rub one out then dry off and apply my favorite body lotion that smells of oranges. I finish with my hair and make-up and have an hour to get to him. I put on the new lingerie, pick out a pair of ear rings, throw on my shoes and trench coat, then hop onto the highway in my Ford truck. I get to his hotel ten minutes early so phone him while I'm applying lip shine to my soft lips. He tells me it's okay I'm early then gives me his room number.

I double check to make sure I brought the necessities: a condom variety, flavored lube, anal beads, clothes for dinner, and my overnight bag. After checking out the parking lot, I prance into the hotel right past the receptionists and near the elevator. In 90 seconds, I'm at his door with nothing but my trench coat concealing the dynamite lingerie and garter belt I'm wearing. After he opens the door and allows me to step in, I shed my coat and plant a warm/wet kiss on his lips. I pull him in close to my pussy by grabbing his ass so we can connect even deeper.

After our warm greeting, we sit and chat about know, catch up on things. As I let him know of my goals and ambitions, he starts to rub his dick. Seeing that my sexy lingerie and conversation turned him on, I straddle him in his chair and start to kiss him deeply. His hands can't help but grab and smack my beautiful ass as I grind a bit on his hard. Noticing my plump monkey getting a bit wet and not wanting to wet his pants too much, I lead him to the bed where I demand him to help me rip off his clothes. Seeing that hardened masterpiece, I lay on my back with head off the bed and instruct him to fuck my face. While giving him a wet, deep, sloppy blow job with an awesome view, I slide my panties over so I can dip my fingers into my wet chocolate box. I rub one out with his dick still in my mouth then let him taste the come off of my fingers; he explodes immediately in my mouth...I smile then swallow.

He comes in front of me while I'm laying on my back in bed and gently removes my shoes. His hands rub my legs and grips my thighs before he removes my wet panties (always on the outside of my garter). He begins to kiss my exposed thighs until he has me hot and ready for his tongue. As soon as he dips it in my chocolate box, I explode my sweet juices over his chin. He laughs and proceeds with giving me oral until I'm coming so hard I can't take anymore. After freshening up, we both meet back on the bed for a nice 69 ride. He inserts the anal beads in my tight bumm one by one...then pulls them out slowly with his hot mouth on my pussy...I'm coming again. On goes the cover and I'm ready to bounce my ass on that dick and grind out some orgasms. One...two...DAMN he has my pussy so wet. I love riding him and he grabs my tits, bites my neck, pulls me in close to smell my hair... He makes me go limp again from coming so hard. ATF flips me over and digs in miss. Not long after I regain my composure I'm matching his thrusts and moaning sweet sounds...he explodes. We lay for a few minutes then get cleaned up and dressed for dinner.

He takes me to a restaurant I've never been to and orders me to get whatever my taste buds are calling for. He orders us a bottle and we chat about world events as we sip and wait for our dinner. We both ordered a steak...needing the energy for our overnight adventure. He let's me drink most of the wine, we finish our meal, and head back to the room. Once the door is closed behind us, I notice he had room service bring up dessert and dessert wine while we were out: cheesecake bites, strawberries, cherries, pineapples, sliced bananas, brownie bites, caramel and chocolate syrup, and whipped cream.
...To be continued.

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