Trouble with yahoo group.
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Suddenly I am no longer able to sign on to a private community. Has anyone else had this problem?

post or email me


I'm out also?????????????


Hey Duke.  I think yahoo is still working the kinks out as they convert all the clubs to groups, etc.  The group founder may need to invite you in again though if that was a private group.  Send the founder a note and let them know you're having trouble and they should be able to fix ya right up.  Enjoy!

Hello Duke...I had no problem getting on tonight!Pretty quiet in their for the last couple months.

From all accounts it looks like I got kicked from my private group. Perhaps the same has happened to yours, "Play Misty for me".

Duke I'm haveing the same trouble??  If you find out anything let me know keith57yahoo.com   thanks keith

I was up til 4am trying to "fix" the problem.  You should be able to play all kinds of tunes shortly (by tonight) it's up to Yahoo now.

Now that the jukebox is fixed, can anyone play tunes, or is it by invitation only? I've played "Misty" before and it is my ATF song. Maybe someone could tell me how to access the jukebox? (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink...)

Papa G...OUT!!

I am still unable to access as of this time. Has anyone succeeded in accessing today? (3/8/02).

If not, will somebody please play Misty for me? I can't really carry a tune, although I am happy to lick, I mean HUM a few bars.

I'm also having problem.  I was even sent another invite with I replied to but I'm still not having any luck.

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