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"mellifluous" - vey naughty, Melissa [eom]
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Since you clicked despite the "[eom]"  -  I'll share one of the definitions of mellifluous:

"Flowing with sweetness or honey"

Melissa's New Indoor Sports Arena seeks clients for our new indoor activity complex. Melissa's Extreme Indoor Sports, is dedicated to providing its clients with a caring, exciting and invigorating indoor recreational activity for men.    

Qualified clients must be experienced and come prepared with his own gear.  After a simple pre screening application, you will be invited to participate in a one on one personal interview with Melissa.

During this interview process you will be tested on your stamina, ability, agility and at times some things will become very hard.  Most likely, it will become hard more than one time during the interview process.  Don't let this scare you away as it is Melissa's desire to make it as mellifluous as possible.  Your success in this sport is Melissa's personal goal.

Prior Indoor Sports clients are encouraged and invited to rejoin.   Many fun and interesting positions are available to qualified clients.  If you are seeking a rewarding sporting activity, this could very well be the sport for you!

Disclaimer - The initial interview will require an in-depth inspection of your equipment and technique.

into the creativity included in the activities available at Melissa's Arena.
I give her a 'standing' ovation for her efforts!!

Since you clicked despite the "[eom]"  -  I'll share one of the definitions of mellifluous:

"Flowing with sweetness or honey"

Well just reading about this ultimate sports endeavor i got all hot and sweaty and can only imagine how hard some of the equipment can be....... I myself like the soft approach and then work up to the harder tasks  "in the end." I only hope that the multiple machines and positions are easy enough to do for the older group of sports enthusiasts that apply.
so sign me up for the mellifluous part and i might even get a team together (maybe tc guy, vorlon and bosco would be interested for some hardening activity) and we can take you on, in a good one on one with and an audience..... and we will show you just how hard we can make "it".

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