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oliviaonthego See my TER Reviews 34799 reads

Hello PhillyCowboy,

There should be reviews soon, I hope!
You know sometimes it takes forever.


Hello Gents,

As some of you already know, I Have decided to hang up the ole g-strings and Louboutins. Well maybe not the Loubies
I have changed my site over to more of a place for referrals, showcasing lovely ladies that I personally know and can vouch for. I will be helping them with screening and appointments. So just drop me a line if you would like to meet one of these lovelies or maybe both!
Mila and Lena are traveling at the moment but will be back in NYC next week Sept 8th. They are both drop dead gorgeous and lots of fun! They do enjoy intimate fun encounters with each other as well.

With any interest, they would love to visit Philadelphia! Just a short train ride away!!

Have a look at my site for more details...

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phillycowboy33345 reads

Wow if there were reviews and or a menu I think I would be lured out of retirement

Hello PhillyCowboy,

There should be reviews soon, I hope!
You know sometimes it takes forever.


Dear Olivia:
Think about it you are not using all of your resources and your worldly powers to ensure that your charges are positively publicized and well chronicled. Perhaps it you give an incentive such as a reviewers special or contact some of your regulars that would like to record their exploits and activities, the reviews would be up and the encyclopedia of information would be present and available for research.

My dear I have just begun... Tis just a tease!!!
All in forward motion after the holiday. There has been a great bit of interest.  No worries...

Thanks so much for your input, much appreciated and do have yourself a great weekend/holiday!


Wow! Please do consider sending them to the Plymouth Meeting or King Of Prussia area. Would LOVE spend a bit of time with one or both ;)

Hello monstra,

I don't see that happening any time soon as I have never been to either place and would not feel comfortable with entertaining the unknown. For now, but  thanks so much for the interest!

Have a good one!

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