"wintrdrmz1974" is what she's looking for. :) eom
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I am trying go though the screeing stage and a provider is asking my ter handle!
What do i need to provide?

Have you already told her that you are a TER member?  If so, then you must face the possibility that if you don't tell her your handle, then she may not see you.  Some gals have a real thing about wanting to know everything they can about a potential client.  

Sometimes that is a good thing if you are a desirable person and have given nice reviews out, etc., but there is a down side also.

That down side is that you may feel a bit restricted in being able to review a gal without any fear of retaliation, etc.  Many hobbyists prefer this and therefore never let on that they are TER members.  When they do write reviews, they wait till nearly the 90 day limit, then alter some details of the encounter to throw gals off so they won't know who wrote it.

The only time to be able to make that decision is when you first start out.

It may be too late for you, depending on what you told her.

if you are always honest and straightforward with the ladies in your communications and have nothing to fear..they can smell a rat a mile away..

Thank you for your advice and well noted!
So, she was asking my TER member ID then...

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